Damn I Wish It Was Friday

1. Today has been one of the worst days of my entire parenting career.  I have been trying to put the groceries away for three hours. I tried to think of fun mom activities (lie on the floor on a giant piece of paper and I’ll trace around you!) all while doing ninety loads of barf laundry, but in the end I have been undone by whining.  Seriously, you can barf on me until the cows come home, but that low level constant brain melting whining coming at me from two different children? Can’t do it. It makes me INSANE.  Right now they’re both in their room screaming. I hope they enjoy the effect of themselves in stereo. Or whatever.

2.  This weekend Jennie and I stayed up way too late talking about our lives and our marriages and she said something that really stuck with me:  “Mike and and I have a great marriage except between the hours of 1 and 7 AM.” I was reminded of this countless times last night, especially when I finished nursing Katherine for the thirteenth time, in a vain attempt to get her to go back to sleep, and when I set her back down Erik snapped “You put her head right on my elbow!”.  I was just…done, at that point, and I snapped back “I did it on purpose! In fact, I planned it!”.  Sigh.  Then BFF told me that the other day, she’d actually sat and planned her divorce, and stressed about how expensive it would be, and we had a good giggle over that.  Laughing at these things makes me feel strangely better.  (They aren’t really getting a divorce, which is why we can laugh about it.)

3.  We have decided, against the advice of two different professionals, to attempt to refinish our hardwood floors. I just…I can’t bring myself to tear these up.  They’re SO much better than anything we’ll ever be able to replace them with, with intricate patterns and the baseboards are plastered in and I just…there’s a little voice in my head telling me I have to at least TRY.  You know?

4.  Oh my god they’re both asleep.  Oh no, not so fast.

5.  I should be putting my groceries away.

6.  I was going to ask you if I should buy a loaf pan, but then I went ahead and did it anyway.

7.  Are you reading Erik’s posts over at Candy Corner?  They are surprisingly wonderful.  Not surprising that he would write something wonderful, but surprising because every week they seem to be about so much more than candy.



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  1. You do realize that since you’ve said “You can barf on me ’til the cows come home” that my own pukey children will be coming to your house? Because you can scream and whine at me ’til the cows come home.

    Let’s ditch our men and have a beautiful house and co-parent children as Team Barf and Team Screamy, respectively.

    • we are the perfect parenting team! Have some babies! They can barf on me constantly!

  2. I have TOTALLY lain awake at night wondering how to financially handle a divorce and the aftereffects. Those are not good hours!

  3. Exhaustion — more than anything else — makes me the worst version of myself.

    Don’t you wish we had just shut up last week and slept! Me neither but it would have been way wiser.

  4. Ninety loads of barf laundry INDEED. Me too.

    I had a horrible thought a few minutes ago…Friday is Pizza Day, and it is sacrosanct, because I hate to cook, except I cannot feed pizza to two barfing children and thus I will have to cook dinner for the non-barfers. Which is becoming a very small number so maybe I’ll just have cereal.

    good luck with those floors. Any internet remedies for getting out the smell?

  5. I thought I appreciated Fridays when I worked full-time. Now I realize I had NO IDEA.

  6. Night time IS the worst time for marriage. (And we don’t yet have kids. Sigh.)

    I hope today is so much better!

  7. We re-finished our own floors, which had been home to some very…ah…under-cared-for cats for years. Sanding them really well, then sealing them up good with polyurethane worked wonders. I even had a carpet cleaning guy tell me I was going to have to rip out the sheet rock from the smell when we moved in, but polyurethane and kilz saved us all. Feel free to email me. Oh, and I think I’m de-lurking, so HI!

  8. Good luck with the floors! It’s a good thing you’re a project person – it would completely overwhelm me. I REALLY hope it works out!

  9. Ugh, it’s annoying I have to re-sign in to everything. That last comment was me.

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