My Tomatoes

Likely of general interest to no one on earth, but thrilling to me.  Here’s the tomatoes in my garden this year:

Brandywines (my favorite)

Early Girl. Nothing special, but they’re early, so you gotta have em. 

Yellow Pear. I love these.

Rutgers Tomato. New this year. Planted because I’ve always heard they grow a mean tomato in Jersey.

Green Zebra. For some reason, I don’t have high hopes for this bad boy, but I figured why the heck not?

Cherokee Purple.  I am ridiculously excited about this tomato. I mean, read that description, who wouldn’t be?


Pineapple.  A yellow striped tomato. Super cool.

Ruby Gold. Another one I am very excited about. This is a terrible picture, but they’re pretty gorgeous in person.

Banana Legs. I don’t even care if this tomato is good, it has the best name ever.

Carmello.  I love the tomatoes that come from Italy, because they seem cooler.  Also, this tomato is now named Carmello Anthony in our garden, obviously. This listing claiims it’s from France, my tag says Italy, so there.

Jaune Flamme.  If that’s not the best name ever, I don’t know what is. I might have another kid just so I can name it Jaune Flamme.

Sweet Tangerine. We grew these last year and they were the bomb diggety.

Super Sweet 100 Red Cherry.  I hope these grow. Last year they fell victim to Turf Wars.

Heat Wave.  I swear, that’s what these are called, but I can’t find them anywhere.  Chances are this is due to extreme lameness. I just grow them because it’s so damn hot here, and rumor has it that above 95 degrees tomatoes will stop growing.  Whatever.

And now I’m stressed I don’t have enough tomatoes.  So obviously 2011 won’t be the year I stop with the over the top tomato neurosis.

(Seriously, no lie, there are 45 tomato plants in my backyard.  I  have issues.)


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  1. I am so jealous and very, very impressed.

    Last year I wanted to do a garden (as you know) but we had just moved and the boxes seemed more important to handle. This year I’m having a kid, oh, sometime in the next week or two. I COULD have planted some tomatoes but I just knew that I’d probably never get out to take care of them with a newborn around and they’d shrivel and die and make me angry and represent something else I’d probably fail at in the month of May due to lack of time/energy.

    Your garden sounds dreamy. Be sure and post pics for us.

  2. From a completely objective standpoint: That’s A LOT of tomatoes! 🙂 I’m not a tomato person, but I love LOOKING at the fancy varieties!

  3. I would be in HEAVEN in your backyard. My parents are planting a big fat garden this summer, and we’re moving in with them, so I’m not too troubled about not planting one at my house.

  4. Ugh, I’m so jealous. We have a month of summer. Our soil sucks. Our yard is slanted. There’s too much shade. The squirrels and deer eat everything. Wah wah wah, I can never have a garden.

  5. I only have four varieties right now! What I want to know is, do I need an avocado tree?

    I’m thinking yes. The husband he is saying no.

  6. I am VERY jealous. I live in Los Angeles with NO backyard whatsoever and dream of the day that I can grow anything…although I would probably kill it.

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