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So for absolutely ages we’ve had either patio furniture or 2. ghetto patio furniture from Walmart. Last year when our backyard got all fixed  up, we bought a new patio set from IKEA…which you can see here:

And we did use that furniture a lot, to eat at.  But it turned out to be the kind of thing that was great for sitting at while eating dinner and not so great for lounging on and reading a book.  Our house is tiny and our summers are hot and I want to spend as much time lying around my backyard as I possibly can.  So I decided that I not only needed backyard DINING furniture, but I also needed backyard LOUNGING furniture.

So this spring Mr. E and I spent a surprisingly cantankerous weekend plopping our kiesters down on every set of outdoor lounge furniture available for purchase in the tri state area.  Because I don’t wish to pay more for lounging furniture than I would for a used car, I selected this set of faux wickeresque stuff from OSH and now I am just waiting for it to go on sale so I can start some quality lounging and gin and tonic drinking.

But THEN! This set of chairs showed up on Craigslist.  Someone is selling four of these for a measly 20 dollars (for all  four) right around the corner from my house.  They are currently green powder coated metal, btw.

And I’m just wondering…with some (black? oil rubbed bronze?) spray paint and some red cushions?  Maybe?  Yes? Or no? I could add a cheap little coffee table and then I could STILL buy some loungers to throw somewhere else in the backyard.   I am conflicted about this, though, because maybe these chairs are terrible no matter what and I should just leave well enough alone and continue waiting for OSH to make some markdowns.

Please do advise, internet.

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  1. Dude, I would so go for it for $20. You know me and paint.

  2. why not go see them and sit in them? You don’t have to buy them. Do you want these for entertaining, or for YOU to sit around in? I’d buy the $20 set and then get an adirondack chair for yourself and spend many comfy hours directing the children to refresh your spritzer and bring you more chips. You can get a nice one for under $100.

  3. I’d say they’re at least worth a test-sit. Also, I don’t know whether the stock is regional, but at Home Depot here (MN) right now, they have unfinished adirondack chairs for $30 apiece and they are surprisingly comfy.

  4. i would definitely go for the craigslist chairs. I like having all the creative control (color combos! Funky cushions!), so I prefer to secondhand buy.

  5. I’d buy the craigslist chairs, paint them, get some cushions and perhaps something to prop up my feet on, you know, for proper lounging.

  6. Oh, I actually like that kind of chair! I think they are super comfy. You can sort of slump down in one of them and put your feet in the other and they are wide enough so they feel a bit cushy/recliner-y.

    You can buy replacement cushions at Home Depot in a million colors.

  7. ok, at the risk of offending (which I don’t mean to do), I think the craigslist chairs are ugly. Cushions will help but that big old set of “stripes” running up the arm- yuck, you can’t hide that.

    but if money is tight, $20 can make anything look good 🙂

  8. Those look like they would be pretty comfy with some good cushions… and given some paint, I don’t think they’d be half bad. For $20 I’d probably try it; if it doesn’t work there’s always the possibility of the sale!

  9. Would you buy them if they were more than $20? If the answer is no, you probably don’t want them. But I’m also the kind of person who refuses to buy just about anything because I’m scared of turning into a pack rat, so take whatever I say with that warning.

  10. Get them!

  11. Umm… I totally respect your ability to renovate just about anything. But those look (a) worn out and (b) awful.

  12. Knowing you, yes, totally. They might look worn out but you can fix that.

  13. Yes, they do look worn out, but a coat of paint can do wonders! I think the only worn out thing about them is the paint job so a coat or two of paint will take care of that. $20 is nice but you may be able to bring it down even lower depending on the person selling it! Plus you get to pick out (or make) your own cushions which seems more fun anyway! Clearly my vote is for the Craigslist chairs.

  14. I like the craigslist chairs. And, like you said, if they don’t work out, you can always buy the others.

  15. I don’t think they would look terrible painted, but they look terrible not painted and I think they will probably be terrible to paint.

  16. I like the chairs and find that style comfortable. Also, you can take them to an auto painting shop and they will hard-coat furniture. Those chairs could be gorgeous with the right paint and cushions. And for $20? Go for it!

  17. $20! Yes!

  18. BUY THEM! If they suck – they were only 20 buck and you can still wait on OSH! If they are fabulous – then it’s OSH who?

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