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A super nice guy from the Sac Press, Brandon, wrote a lovely article about me and my blog, here.

It may shock you very slightly to learn that I like to talk.  It may shock you even more to learn that I love to talk about myself, so I found myself jabbering on happily during the interview process without much of a pause.  Lucky Brandon.

I feel sort of awkward admitting this, but the only question I couldn’t answer instantly was this one:  “What’s your favorite thing about your children?”

I think I stammered out an answer about how they make me laugh and how they’re so entertaining, but it didn’t feel like a satisfying answer, somehow, and so I’ve been thinking about it ever since, trying to come up with something better, or more true.

The thing is, I am really good at complaining.  I could tell you ALL the hard stuff in an instant, I could rattle off a litany of my not favorite things.  The lifting and the whining and the crying and the baby food face spackling and the never getting to go to the movies with my husband anymore and the 3 AM nursing.  But for some reason, the good things are harder to grasp, and a list of all the good things doesn’t trip lightly off my tongue.

Because it is true, especially in these most recent days.  They do make laugh, all the time, and they are entertaining, and Erik and I often fall asleep at the end of the day chuckling next to each other while recounting something Eli did.  I could fill a blog that no one but me and his grandparents and maybe Miss Amy would want to read about the goofy stuff these kids do all day.

I don’t know, though,  because somehow it’s more than these things.  Somehow it’s more than just what is good for me, it’s more than just what makes me laugh or just what merits writing down in the baby book.  Maybe it’s just a case of dancing about architecture, maybe there really are no words.  Because the truth is my favorite thing is nothing more than…THEM.  They’re such cool people, these babies of mine, and I am amazed and thrilled and so pleased that they exist in this world, because I think they are wonderful.  My favorite thing is that I get to spend the next 18 plus years waking up every morning and spending the day with two of the most interesting people I know, because those two people are MINE.

I don’t even know if that makes sense.  Does that make sense?  Because really when it comes down to it, my favorite thing about my kids? Is my kids.


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  1. Miss Amy would TOTALLY read a blog just about your kiddos. They really are awesome.

  2. Yes, makes total sense. Total and complete. Because my favorite thing about Kyle, I think, is that I get him. I don’t think parenthood is all that lovely an idea and I don’t think it sounds remotely that enjoyable and then I think about him and it’s all different, it’s all the MOST FUN and the BEST TIME and, so, yes, makes much much sense.

    (Also, an interview! So fun! You deserve a million of them, though.)

  3. Even to a non-mom that makes total sense. And it sounds wonderful. THEY sound wonderful.

    Congrats on the article, too! That’s really exciting!

  4. Very cute article! Thanks for pretending you like me in print! 🙂 haha

    Also, I just read your Style Lush Mother’s Day wishlist and there is like 900 things I want on there. I blame you (and Style Lush) for my increase in impulse buys this year. I blame you, yet I love you all at the same time!!!

  5. Yes. It makes total sense. Whenever I sit with Sam, I tell her how wonderful and beautiful and funny she is and if I were to come up with a concrete reason WHY, I would just stare at her and say, well, she just IS.

  6. Makes total sense. I love my girls – just being around them is one of my favorite things. Watching them interact, listening to jokes D makes up, getting to witness Q figuring something new out – it’s all pretty awesome. One more thing I love? How they’ve changed ME and given me a real and tangible purpose. Is that weird? It’s not like I didn’t care about things before but wow, they have snapped things into focus.

  7. Aww, I love this!

    (And thanks for the shout-out 🙂

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