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Last week Mr. E  had to go away for a week, for oiling and reprogramming for work, and my MIL came to stay with me, because she is awesome.  We’ve both been known to enjoy a good thrifting session more than most so I took her by my favorite thrift store in Sacramento, and after she wheeled Eli away so he could have a mental breakdown in the men’s slacks, I dug through the art.

This was, I have to admit, prompted by a home tour I saw last week over at the San Francisco Chronicle, one that gave me terrible case of the house rage/envy/depression.  It’s always frustrating when you someone’s home and they’ve just plain GOTTEN your style, only they’ve done it better than you, and cooler than you, and you know you’ll never get there because you don’t have the money to get there and besides your husband is NEVER going to let you paint your dining room aqua, and of course it’s one of those home tours where half the stuff came from a secret thrift shop and cost $1o dollars.

Do you know how long I’ve been looking for a large oil painting?  I am DESPERATE for a large oil painting! I would kill for this large oil painting.  That large TWO DOLLAR oil painting.


Anyway, this is why I was digging through the art at Thrifttown last Thursday afternoon, and believe me when I say I use the term “art” loosely.  Most of it was terrible and overpriced, but then something caught my eye, and it had a post it note on the back revealing that somewhere, sometime, it was once priced at $225 dollars and now could be had for the bargain price of $7.99, and when I called my mother in law over to ask her if it was terrible or wonderful, she gasped and said “I love it! Buy it!” and I brought it home and hung it on the empty nail on my problem wall, and somehow, it’s PERFECT.

I still suspect it might be pretty terrible, and it’s no two dollar oil painting, but I kind of totally love it.


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  1. I like that!

    I looked at the house tour. My small house is squalor. I have to get on that. But I will say – I want a pedestal server of donuts, but it would never last. And that hydrant in the kitchen is a terrible idea.

  2. I totally love it. And I fully subscribe to the belief that good art is art that YOU love and enjoy looking at and have some sort of emotional response to. That’s all that matters. Although a markdown to $7.99 from $225 seems pretty awesome as well.

  3. Nope, it’s not horrible. I love it, and I love that corner of your home. I would love, actually, to see more pictures of your house, as I think we have similar aesthetic. And then I”LL get jealous of YOUR house, and you can feel smug about it. 🙂

  4. Put up a house tour! I want to see your house! I like that art, it looks lovely there!

    So I read the article, and while that house is very nice, I want to know exactly what that woman thrifted besides the fire hydrant, because every single fabric featured in that house is north of $200 PER YARD. She didn’t get that chiang mai dragon or David Hicks fabric at a thrift shop. She may have bought that sofa for $20, but it easily cost her more than $1000 in fabric to reupholster it.

    (I don’t know if that makes you feel any better.)

    Paint the dining room aqua while your husband is gone. Works every time 🙂

  5. 1. It IS perfect there!!
    2. It’s great.

  6. Um, I love it and think it’s totally perfect for your aesthetic (also, I love the play against the red bird there) don’t doubt yourself!

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