You Say Yes, I Say No

Dear Internet, I need your help again.

P.S. I did not buy those patio chairs, because to replace the cushions with cute cushions instead of old person cushions covered with palm trees would have cost me almost as much as the set I actually want anyway.

Anyway.  So this weekend we spent the entire time wandering around nurseries and planting crap in our yard and so now I am in full on yard improvement mode, and I decided last night that I think I want to get rid of the barberry bushes that surround the outside of the covered patio.  I really liked them when they first went in and the contrasting color is nice, but now I am starting to cool on them.  For one thing, they grow like weeds, and they are covered with wicked sharp spines, so they suck to prune and they aren’t very kid friendly, and they make it so it’s hard to sit on the edge of the patio, which is supposed to be extra seating only you can’t sit there or you’ll end up with a kiester full of barberry.  Also, they bring A LOT of that brown/red color to the backyard and they lean a little towards uh, how can I say this nicely? Generic subdivision landscaping, for my taste.  I’m more of an old fashioned vintagey random garden type of person.   And they take up so much room, although they do disguise some things, I think they might be making the yard look smaller than it actually is.

On the plus side, they were free, and they are already planted, so there is that.  And what if I hate it when I take them out?  OH, INDECISION.

If I took it out, I’d plant an olive tree (which I am dying to have) in that little inset, and then I’d plant peppers (which I already have) next to the wall.  Lined up against the other wall, I’d either put in a cutting garden or a bunch of lilies (which I’d move from somewhere they are not getting enough sun) or some tall flower so it would peek up over the edge and you could see it while sitting on the patio.   I love that idea, at least in theory.

Thoughts? (click to enlarge)

If I took out the barberry I’d leave it on the street for someone to come get.   So it wouldn’t be like, a total waste, but I don’t have anywhere else to put a giant spiky plant in my backyard, so I can’t really reuse it.


5 Responses

  1. Dig ’em up.

  2. Yeah, I’d get rid of them, too.

  3. Down with the barberrys! I’ve been on a campaign to get the ugly monsters yanked from in front of my house – they’re just so unfriendly. If you’re looking for a solid shrub backdrop, you could do a simple boxwood.

  4. Get rid of ’em!!! I don’t want my rear end to get all prickly! 😉

  5. I have a hard time pulling up plants that are thriving, personally. And they were free. Free and nothing wrong with them….. that’s a tough one.

    I do think, though, that you have too many there, and they don’t have the homey vibe. Plus when you have a small house it’s so important to make the outside space happy. I look at that area and I think…. inkberry….. magnolia shrub…. black eyed susans….. (I live in the east). I do not think…. red prickly thingies.

    Maybe you could compromise and pull up two walls worth and leave the rest? An ad on freecycle might send what you don’t want to a good home.

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