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So the barberry is gone, leaving in its place a blank slate! Which is lovely except now I have to plant something there.

Here’s what we’re working with:

My ideas are

1.  this seed kit from Burpee, which tells you where to plant everything and which I think would be very pretty and not too hard. The down side is that it’s all annuals so I’d have to do it every year, which seems kind of annoying.

2. a whole grip of daylilies, which I have always liked, and which are low maintenance, and spread on their own and would be super easy.  The down side of this is that I have no idea where to buy daylilies or how much a whole bunch of them are going to cost.

3.  Some kind of little herb rock garden, which seems likely to get stepped on a lot by my stupid dog, and also seems kind of complicated and expensive and likely not to live.

4.  Some kind of dark brown ornamental grass, which is boring, but easy to take care of, doesn’t need a lot of water, and won’t have to replaced all the damn time.  I’d rather have a flower border, but let’s be honest, my time for poring over a garden is quite limited, so I am not sure how practical the flower border is right now.

Anyone have any other ideas or feel strongly about any of my ideas?  Help please!


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  1. yeesh, that was quick.

    I have no ideas. I like to look at pretty landscaping, but I have no interest in manual labor. Also, I kill things from benign neglect fairly easily. I’d go with a row of unkillable greenery, and then maybe a short row of stuff you have to plant every year in front of that.

  2. One of the happiest days of my life was when we ripped out our obnoxious barberry bushes. Yay for you!!

    I would recommend picking up a few perennials (salvia, tickseed) and then experimenting with that Burpee kit you linked to. I don’t have a very green thumb, and was pleasantly surprised when some shrubs from last year managed to grow back. I felt so encouraged, I planted even more this year, and felt more comfortable taking risks (aka potentially wasting dolla bills).

  3. I like the daylilies idea! Or the herb garden, but solid points about it being destroyed.

  4. What about seagrass type plants? I have some and it comes back every year and is a little bigger each year. Plus they stay pretty close to the ground.

  5. What about some sort of holding cell for the children, Belle or Erik? And occasionally for Andrew? No?

    Then daylilies. Begrudgingly.

  6. If you want low maintenence, I like the brown grass idea! Daylilies are fun too, but they’re only fun for a certain amount of time every year, the rest of the time I think they look straggeley. I think Daylilies need friends in their beds so that someone else can be the show while they’re busy growing.

    I have a strip of yard that I’m lazily adding perrineals to . There’s no rhyme or reason to the color scheme, it’s mostly “This was free” or “Oh look! I found this in the backyard!” or “One morning I woke up and wanted to buy some Lavender”.

    ooooo… which inspires me… maybe you need AN ENTIRE BED OF LAVENDER!!! It comes in many varities, is fairly indestructable, and has good smelling flowers. And it’d add some nice, whispy gray leaves to the brown backyard theme. In Virginia it keeps it’s leaves all winter, so it’s still nice then.

    Ok. I’m done writing this novel. 🙂

  7. I really like the daylilies idea!! You really can’t kill those puppies.

  8. I’d say Pampas Grass, but those stupid things get h-u-g-e. So, daylilies. 🙂

  9. Daylilies!! Or lavender (per Sarah). Love, love, love lavender.

  10. Is there a version of that Burpee thing that has perennials?

  11. I say daylillies. And this may be a COMPLETELY stupid thing to say, but I’m very allergic to perfumed scents and am always surprised how many other people are too. If I come near a lavender bush, I end up with a horrible migraine. I probably wouldn’t be able to go in your backyard if you had lavender. Obviously it’s extremely unlikely you’ll ever invite me over, but maybe someone else with a perfume allergy?

  12. I like ornamental grass. I’m actually on a quest to find some for my own yard this summer. I agree with whichever commenter said daylilies tend to look kind of scraggly once they’re out of bloom. If you go with those, then yeah, I think they need friends around them.
    I also love lavender, and have some around our deck. It looks gorgeous and is hard to kill. But it does smell really strong when it’s hot out.

  13. DON’T BUY ANNUALS. I did that last year for the one flower bed I have and this year I am overwhelmed with dispair because you cannot tell that I did ANYTHING last year. The flower bed is entirely overrun with weeds and there is not a single flower in sight.

  14. Daylillies or irises or gladiolas would be great there. Also, irises have to be thinned every once in a while, so perhaps someone has some they are yanking up anyway that you could get? The good thing about all of those plants is that they are basically NO maintenance, with the exception of thinning them every 5-10 years, and they all put on really pretty flowers. Good luck!

  15. My mother sells daylilies. They are anywhere from a couple of dollars a plant to over $100 a plant. They do need to be dead headed and will need to be seperated from time to time. There are catalogs that sell them and usually local daylily farms. Some greenhouses also carry them. Your best deal will likely be a local farm. Catalogs are usually more expensive. Good luck!

  16. We have some Karl Forester grass in our backyard that is incredibly low maintenance, cool and contemporary looking if you place it as such and is customizable in how tall you want it…..

    Here it is in our backyard :

  17. I spy MY HAMMOCK!! YAAAAY!

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