Garden Plan

I have a garden plan!

I googled around and thought about my options and decided that I needed some kind of perennial border so I can look for these plants over time and stick them in there when they present themselves.  I copied and pasted all these plants from several premade garden plans I found, I have no idea when to really plant them but I am going with May unless it’s hot as blazes because now is May so it works out.

Sorry for the bad art, but here’s a general mock up and plant ideas.  I seem to have mined Home Depot and our local nurseries for most of what I could find already, so I might order some of this stuff online, or see if it turns up locally later in the summer.  Most of it is perennials, and hopefully it will be something that comes together nicely and adds color to the backyard, which is what we are really missing.

I tried for three years, unsuccessfully, to grow dahlias in our front border, and they were always brown and awful looking and driving up to our house just stressed me out.  So last year I gave up and pulled them out, and we planted five (?) miniature citrus trees in the border.  They look great even in the winter, they are super low maintenance, and I actually like them way more than I thought they would.  They aren’t show stoppers, but they also do not look terrible, and I do not have to spend hours on them only to have them look sort of meh anyway.  And it freed me up to plant whatever I want in the window boxes, rather than trying to figure out what would look good with giant half dead dahlias.

This is just a long way of saying that I am way more comfortable with experimenting with flowers and borders and crazy plants in the backyard, where most of the time no one sees it.  If I don’t get to the weeding or the watering or the pruning then it’s not the end of the world, and it’s a lot easier to spend a lot of time in our fenced back yard without worrying that my kids are going to wander off.  We can all putter around back there happily for hours.  So I think a backyard perennial border is a good solution.  (Can you tell I am trying to talk myself out of thinking it’s going to look weird and awkwardly placed against that stucco patio wall?)

I am slowly taking out all the boring brown stuff that was put in and putting in things that I think are more fun and that have more color and that are more suited to the blazing hot yard.  This probably makes it way less generic and therefore less saleable, but at some point you can’t live in your own house as if it’s always about to be sold.  Especially because in this market, we’ll probably be here forever anyway.

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  1. I have a three year old garden and since we live in the same city I’ll tell you what has survived in mine in this climate (I’m all about the low maintenance/”please don’t die on me but I’m not gonna try that hard” mentality). You could put up some sort of trellis or metal stands along that wall and plant blackberry and blueberry plants (my perennials have survived for 3 yrs, no maintenance, and the blueberries are adorable when they’re blooming). Other low maintenance survivors of mine have been gerbera daisies, marigolds, mint and strawberries. I’ve only had luck growing dahlias from the ones I bought from Home Depot, already blooming, and they were beautiful all summer long. The bulbs don’t grow well for me.

  2. Bad art? I just said, SHE CAN EFFING DRAW TOO? You’re becoming too talented and awesome to be my friend. Just a warning 😉

  3. It looks great!! I’m going to use you as my experiment. Blog about how it goes and I’ll decide if I can do this in my yard. K? Thanks! 😉

  4. I don’t think all that gorgeous color would make your house less saleable. Sure, I wouldn’t necessarily want to maintain it, but it wouldn’t stop me from loving the fact it’s there.

  5. Rats! I am really disappointed to hear about your dahlia situation. I am planning on planting some in our back yard. If you can’t pull it off, what with you actually spending time thinking about it and DRAWING your garden….well, where does that leave the rest of us?

  6. Looks like a fun project. I’m with the above poster who can’t see how a bunch of pretty plants could make your house less marketable. Seems like that would help thing? I dunno, I’ve never tried to sell a house. The one thing I will give you a little heads up on is the butterfly bush. They are gorgeous, but the “bush” label is a big misleading. We planted some, and they are freaking TREES when they grow up. Perhaps they could be kept in check with judicious use of some hedge trimmers? Or maybe just plan on a bigger spot than we did.

  7. Oh, if you’re interested, I have pics of the butterfly “bush” after 5-ish years of not much care.

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