The First One

I know preschool graduation is ridiculous, trust me, I know.  Especially when he’ll go back to preschool this summer and again next year.

But he cried every day he went for the first four weeks, and today he did a solo in front of a hundred people, and he has a best friend, and he plays with other kids on the playground, and as stupid as it is, well dammit, I’m proud of that kid.  I really really am.


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  1. Congratulations! It’s a big deal. I remember coming here in September and reading about your heart breaking at leaving him at preschool, just as my heart was breaking when I was sending my son off to kindergarten in a similar situation. And now my boy is fine, too. I think it’s the parents who graduate just as much (probably more) than the kids. It’s both not a huge deal and it IS. It really is.

  2. I know just what you mean. Violet’s pre-K graduation was today, and it was a rough start — she’s so SO shy — but she made some friends and absolutely loves school now. She went up on stage and did a dance with 4 other girls and her face was frozen in fear for just a moment, but then she giggled and kept going, and I’ve never been so proud. Congrats to your little guy! You have every reason under the sun to be proud of him.

  3. It IS a big deal. I adore that child. So proud.

  4. It IS a big deal! He’s your BABY!!! Anna is graduating from the infant room to the toddler room at her school (24 mos) and I am a mess about it! A mess I tell you! It’s a huge deal. Congratulations.

  5. Oh YAY!! Congratulations!! Sounds like it was a fantastic year for your little guy.

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