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Mr. E is going out of town for a week.  Because I don’t really cook dinner while he’s gone and I put the kids to bed at 4 PM (not really, but pretty much) I actually tend to get a lot of done while he’s off doing whatever he does out there in the world.  Here’s my to do list for the week:

1. Put some books on hold at the library

2. Dead head the roses (done already!)

3.  Spray paint all the doorknobs in the house oil rubbed bronze.

4. Make a doormat. (this got taken off the list because the door mat won’t fit under my screen door).

5. Buy a pinata at Cost Plus.

6. Make Eli a dinosaur shirt.

7.  Punch out a trillion pink paper circles and make garlands for Katie’s birthday party.

8.  Finish painting the front door and take some pictures.

9.  Return that hideous “dress” to American Eagle.

10.  Find some hanging paper lanterns.  Target?

11.  Clean out dressers, closets, etc by half.  (The rooms we are clearing out to sand the floors look SO MUCH BETTER with less stuff in them.  I am determined to get rid of a ton of stuff.)

12.  Spray paint that white tray some color.

13.  Spray paint red bin.

14.  Buy mexican coke.

15.  Clean out the linen closet and buy some new white towels.

16.  Finish uploading all my saved house pictures to Pinterest.

17.  Try out some other floor stains.

18.  And the most fun project of all, paint the floor on the inside of the front hall closet.  It’s just plywood, so I get to paint it. High gloss, but I can’t decide what color.  The front door is red, and the hallway itself is a sort of faded tannish yellow.  I am thinking either 1. robin’s egg blue (but probably not), 2. a pale lavendery pink or 2.5 a nice persimmon  or 3.  gold.  Yes, I said it. I want to paint my closet floor high gloss gold.  I have no idea where to even buy that, but I can’t get the idea out of my head.  I’m going to go get paint chips tomorrow.  I am super excited, because I am a dork.

19. Oh, and I still need to touch up the paint in the bedroom.

Should be a good week!  Anyone know where to buy shiny gold paint?


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  1. Cost Plus has pinatas? I need to go there and stock up for the one kid who. won’t. stop. talking. about them!

  2. You made me LOL with your crazy gold paint desires! I say if you’re that excited then you should probably just go ahead and do it.

  3. spray paint metallic gold? Just tape off the closet walls with newspaper. And open all the windows and doors so your kids aren’t huffing paint fumes.

    I think Ralph Lauren or Martha Stewart carries a metallic line of paints. Look at Home Depot or Lowes.

    I don’t cook dinner either when I know my husband isn’t coming home. We eat a lot of choc chip pancakes or pizza on those nights.

  4. A gold closet floor! Love!

    I get much more done when my husband is gone, too. Turns out he is rather distracting.

  5. Sherwin Williams has a metallic line.
    I never cook when Mike is gone- I just eat ice cream.
    that is one hell of a list for a week. You are so my kind of list-making-project-woman!

  6. Mexican Coke? Am I missing something? Also, are you talking about spray painting some crappy “gold” door knobs to a nice color? I KNOW I’m missing something there. Something I’m very interested in! Details?

  7. I am also wondering about the Mexican Coke. Do they make it with real sugar instead of corn syrup? Or are you talking a different kind of coke? 😉

    • It’s coke from Mexico…comes in a glass bottle and yes, made from real sugar. 🙂 Elizabeth

  8. Um. So. Mexican Coke and paint fumes, eh? Sounds like a fun time! 😉 Can I come??

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