I’ll Paint Your Floor

Hrm.  I thought choosing a paint color for the floor of the hallway closet would be a simple little fun project, and instead I’ve been staring at paint swatches and photographing paint swatches and rifling through paint swatches over and over again for days.  blargh.

So the front door is bright red, and the walls are this…difficult shade of yellow that I like to call “flesh bandaid” because in some light, it’s the perfect yellow, and in other lights it’s this weird gross yucky orange beigey color, and it’s so frustrating, but I am tired of dealing with hateful yellow paint so stupid Flesh Band aid is staying.  Anyway, I want the closet floor to be a tiny fun little burst of color, but because it’s essentially in between the bright red door and the yellow wall, it can’t be 1. red 2. yellow or 3. a pastel, because then (at least to me) your eye doesn’t read Color 1 (yellow wall) Color 2 (closet floor) Color 3 ( front door), it reads Two Pastels (Wall and Closet Floor) and then Red Door, and it looks off.  At least to me.  That’s why a nice paley pink lavendery color doesn’t really work.

Ah, no, actually, looking through the pictures, I think the correct color is obvious.  Well, actually, I have it narrowed down to two. The first one is nice because in order to break up all the red and yellow I have some aqua stuff in the entryway, so it ties in with that.  The second color is nice because it seems to go more with the red/yellow situation. Also, I can’t quite let pink go.  What do you think?

(If you feel that both of these colors are terrible, maybe just keep that to yourself, since I’ve gone through a color deck about a thousand times in the last few days and I’m not doing it again.)




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  1. Aqua, definitely aqua!! LOVE it.

  2. Blue! I vote blue!

  3. Aqua for sure! I worry about pink with the red…

  4. I really like the first one…it’s very cool!

  5. blue, blue, blue!!!

  6. they both look cool. I’m no help. But I will commiserate over the pure hell that is choosing a good yellow. I have two yellow rooms in this house and it took many cans of paint to get there. yellow sucks.

  7. I vote aqua.

  8. I love both and can’t decide. However, I think I’ve seen way more things with unexpected aqua interiors (like china cupboards), and possibly nothing with unexpected pink interiors, so I’d vote for pink purely for the novelty of it.

  9. The Robin’s Egg Blue is GORGEOUS. It’d go brilliantly with the yellow and red. It’d be super gorgeous.

  10. Aqua!!!! Please do aqua.

    It is so gorgeous, and perfect. LOVE IT.

  11. Please do the aqua and share pictures!

  12. I thought of the blue immediately when you described it without pictures in your earlier post.

  13. Go with the aqua! That’s what I was thinking all along!

  14. Aqua!
    shiny gold didn’t work out?

    • they didn’t have shiny gold at Home Depot, and since my husband has been out of town for a week and I have the world worst’s cold, I lack the emotional strength to haul two children all over town looking for shiny gold 😦 E

  15. I say aqua, mainly because of the two pastels theory. the pink looks nice with the yellow, but i am wondering if it still will when the wall is bandaid instead of yellow.

  16. Aqua

  17. Aqua! Oh that will look so nice!

    (Also, Flesh Band Aid – heehee! Very descriptive.)

  18. Your resident paint guru votes:


  19. Definitely the first one!

  20. Everyone already said it but: OBVIOUSLY AQUA.

  21. Aqua. I feel it in my soul.

  22. Aqua from me as well!

  23. 1st one definitely!!!

  24. Aqua!

  25. I like the aqua!

  26. Love the aqua!


  28. The aqua is perfect! I’m about to paint my powder room a really bold blue/green, and I feel nervous about it too. Picking paint colors is impossible!

  29. So everyone’s already said it: Aqua. But I don’t think anyone has said, yet: Because I think it will wear better. I think it will hold up better against the clutter and dust and dirt that accumulate on closet floors and still be a burst of color in there…rather than the pink, which I think will kind of just blend in with the eventual Bottom Of The Closet Grime.

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