Ten Things

1.  We had a lovely party this weekend for Katie Dubs, and she’s repaying me for the pink and white quadruple layered cake and the handmade pink circle garlands and the special pink polka dotted straws by refusing to sleep, at all, in any way shape or form.  Also this morning when Mr. E went in to get her, she’d covered much of her personal surface area with poop.  So that’s nice.

2.  I finally got the closet paint after a series of fiascoes involving leaving my wallet at home, someone else’s paint, and way too many trips to Home Depot, but as soon as I decided to start thinking about painting the closet, I realized there’s a tiny strip of wood flooring in the closet that needs to be sanded and refinished, which means I have to paint the closet after that gets done.  It also seems like the walls really need to be repainted, and the trim is godawful, but I’m one woman with a baby who won’t sleep, so we’ll see what happens.

3. On the plus side, we already got a big ass birthday cake out of the way, so I think tomorrow for Dubs’ real birthday we get to have cupcakes.

4.  I need ideas for nut free gluten free preschool snacks.  I was thinking fruit and chocolate chip cookies, but I don’t know if the Betty Crocker GF chocolate chip cookie mix is nut free.  The Pamela’s mix I normally use is  not nut free, so I’m at a loss so far.

5.  I’ve spent the last year trying in vain to get five minutes to have a cup of coffee, and at the end of the day, the pot is always as full as it was when I started the morning because these damn! children! will! not! leave! me! alone!.  Then the Pioneer Woman put up a recipe for iced coffee and a light went off.  Now I just save the leftover coffee in the fridge and I have a nice big glass of iced coffee sitting at my desk and it takes me about two seconds to drink it because it’s cold instead of boiling hot.  And it’s super delicious.  Extra fun drunk from a left over pink polka dotted straw.

6.  Mr. E will be refinishing the floors while I am gone in Vermont.  I CANNOT begin to express to you how happy I will be to return to this house with floors that are not 1. covered the ugliest laminate in the world and 2. all torn up and covered in dog urine.  I am SO SO SO SO SO excited to have nice hardwood floors.  Now we can see what this house can really do!

7.  My main goal post floors is to de brownify my living room.  I think I am going to have to buy several gallons of white paint and just paint the crap out of all these dark brown wood boookshelves that we thought seemed like such a great idea three years ago.  And I may have to repaint the dining room.  Dark brown floors (necessary due to staining) plus dark brown wall paint plus dark brown furniture in a tiny house = no bueno.

8.  Seriously.  This child needs to sleep.  I am on a diet, so instead of eating my feelings I shall go to Target and pay for new feelings.

9. I look terrible in shirt dresses.  TERRIBLE.  And I continue to try them on and buy them.  I may never learn.

10.  However, I have finally acquired a pair of red espadrilles.  I have been looking for a pair for four years.  They are my new favorite thing ever.  Life is good.


10 Responses

  1. Wholesome Chow has gluten free baking mixes that are tree nut free

    Maybe those would help with the snack situation?

  2. Love those shoes – very cute!

    I have the same problem with the shirt dresses. They look so cute on OTHER people, so why don’t they look cute on me?

  3. Loooove those shoes! I’m so tempted to buy them in orange. Or red. Hmm!

  4. can you send fruit? My kid has a peanut allergy, and I don’t let him eat anything that is home-baked by someone else, no matter what they tell me the label says. (Yes, I’m one of those people, but hey, my kid could die if you made a peanut butter sandwich on the same counter as those cookies.) Could you skip the baked goods and send oranges, or raisins, or berries and cool whip?

    Enjoy Life is a brand of snacks that is made without the top 8 allergens (nuts, GF among them). They are carried at most Whole Foods, if you have one near you. (they ain’t cheap.)

    Two things I know about you from following you on pinterest: you like the color orange and you really like shoes 🙂 Nice espadrilles!

    did the hydrogen peroxide/garbage bag treatment get the smell out?

  5. not critiquing your current choice of curtains! I just looked at your furniture and thought of those curtains.

    Nevermind. Ignore ramblings of madwoman, please.

  6. I’m amazed they let people send baked goods even if the peanut allergy kid doesn’t eat them. Our daycare let me send baked goods, too, (actually, they recommended it over store-bought) and I was very surprised.

  7. colorful hardened merangues? ok can’t spell but I am sure you get it?

  8. Betty Crocker gf chocolate chip cookies are loaded with sugar, gritty, and not very good at all. I would not recommend them to anyone. *blech*

  9. There’s a children’s book called “Go the F*** To Sleep.” Seriously. Obviously it’s aimed at the parents, but it’s hysterical. If you google it, you will also come across a youtube production of Samuel L. Jackson’s voice reading the book – it makes it even funnier.

  10. #4 – rice-krispie squares!

    PS: Have a lovely time in Vermont. We used to go there every March for spring skiing at my cousins’ place in Weston. It’s soooo beautiful.

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