Vermont In Pictures

I…don’t even know.

This might be my favorite picture of Eli ever taken.  That’s the view from my mom’s backyard, btw.

Someone caught a fish.

We made milkweed pizza.

The Fourth of July!

Caught some lake trout.

Demonstrated the sound effects from the lightning storm the night before.

Thought about walking.

Hung out with my sister.

Bought some antique junk you just can’t live without.


I painted my mom’s side door red as all get out.

And watched the delphiniums lose their petals.

Back home again.  We miss Vermont.



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  1. Great pics. That 2nd one is both stunningly beautiful and hilarious. Are you guys home now?

  2. Ummmm based on the last two sentences of your post, I’ll guess yes.

  3. Looks like a great trip, love the photos!

  4. Is Annie on Harold’s porch? Because I recognize your grandmothers sofa and I’m guessing your mom doesn’t have a sofa on the porch?!?

  5. hahahaha, boys, gotta love them.

    At least you got to paint SOMEBODY’s door red, right?

    Call me a city slicker, but…milkweed pizza?

  6. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. You have such a great eye.

  7. Wow, Eli really is a skinny kid. He’s going to hate you for that picture…

  8. K-Dubs looks wayyyy too big. I must confirm by coming over and forcing myself on your children. And also you. It looks like a lovely trip; I’m so glad.

  9. The pictures are great, but those first two are awesome. 🙂 Will you come paint my door red too?

  10. Love that cheeky, evil grin on the adorable naked boy’s face. So cute. Looks like everything a family summer vacation should be. I second the request for more info on milkweed pizza!

  11. Looks like a wonderful vacation, and those kids of yours just get cuter and CUTER all the time!!

  12. It looks lovely there. Ahhh summer.

  13. The nakey photo. OH MY WORD THE SNEAKY NAKEY PHOTO!

    Your son can totally marry my daughter. Any time he wants.

  14. Wonderful photos! And you sure have some adorable kiddos!

  15. Read your blog for the first time today compliments of “The Eleventh” blog. Love your pictures. We are going to Vermont next week to visit our daughter who lives there – can’t wait. She has been there two years and loves it. We do too!

  16. I’m currently in Vermont and I’m already preemptively missing it!

    Lovely photos!

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