2011 House List – Updated

1.  paint the baseboards and the trim white

2. add thresholds to the floors

3. find a bench for the dining room

4. paint the china cabinet, the bookshelves, and something else I can’t remember.

5. buy a new couch and a new chair for the living room

6. buy a tv stand and a new tv

7. put feet on the desk and paint it white

8. recover the garage sale ottoman

9. decide on the wall candle holder, get candle cups

10.  buy a new living room rug

11.  clean the old rug and put it in the kids room

12. decide if we need to keep the glider or get rid of it

13.  put the windows back in the living room and fix the leaky front window

14. replace the terrible edging next to the roses

15.  landscape the side yard with some rocks

16.  add shutters to the front of the house

17.  give the marigolds in the window boxes a stern talking to and tell them to shape up their act

18.  buy a new front door, add knobs and a lock, paint it red, and buy a new screen door.

19.  cover the front porch columns, buy an olive plant, and tile the steps.

20.  put new ikea butcher block counters in, stain them dark, seal them, put in a new white underhang sink, and add a chrome faucet.

21.  buy a new doormat

22.  buy two more red adirondack chairs when they go on sale.

23.  lounge furniture for the back yard.

24.  line the pergola with misters.

25.  replace the kids light fixture with the vintage barn one (which needs to be rewired).

26.  repaint the dining room

27.  finally figure out the furniture arrangement in the living room.

28.  fix the trundle bed and get a mattress for it

29. move up the kitchen cabinets, add crown molding, repaint and seal everything, add a tile backsplash, and add a low shelf.

30.  add bamboo blinds to the front window.

31.  paint the kids dresser

32.  finish replacing all the gold/chrome door knobs and buy orb door stops

33. buy a door stop and knocker for the front door.

34.  figure out what to do with my two white frilly frames.

35. put up more pictures of family (katherine and my sister)

36.  fix the kitchen linoleum

37.  paint the closet floor and get a new organizer for hats, etc.

38.  buy placemats that won’t wrinkle or shrink.

39.  Get yellow striped straws, yellow candy, and a yellow pepper grinder for my kitchen.

40.  buy a wireless printer.

41.  get more bowls and 4 egg cups.

42.  paint our bed and nightstand?

43.  Replace the plastic downspot with a length of chain spray painted black.

44. add ceiling medallions to the entryway and the dining room.

45. buy new sheets and a new duvet cover to replace the worn ones that had to be tossed*

46. buy a composter from the city

47. buy two more chairs for the outdoor dining table, and two more chairs for the inside dining table.

48. Get another floor lamp for the living room.

49. Cost Plus green pillow*

50. do we need another bookshelf in the living room?


And those are the last 44 things we have left to do around the house. Ha.


6 Responses

  1. When I read a list like this I feel so embarrassed seeing as my list has looked like THIS for about the last 3 year:
    *Pick out some paint
    *Paint some rooms, or something

    And yet my walls are still white.

    I demand some home improvement consulting when you come over for brunch. I will pay you in champagne!

    • are you on pinterest? I really like it (or Flickr) for picking out paint colors. We will consult! Elizabeth

  2. I’m scared to go look at my list and see not only how much I’ve added/changed but how little has gotten accomplished.

  3. Your lists never fail to entertain me! Your ambition, however, makes me feel like a large lump of lazy. My excuse is that I live in an apartment, so I can’t paint the walls or add ceiling medallions or add shutters.

  4. That is one big ass list. Looks like mine.

  5. […] year I like to type this list up. I don’t know that I’ve ever finished it, but it’s good to get it all out […]

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