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When we first started planning out the floor refinishing, what seemed like it would be BY FAR the worst part of the entire deal was moving all the furniture out and then moving all the furniture back in.  And to be fair, it was not my favorite experience, and it was a lot of work, and also I didn’t do most of it.  And coming home from a four week vacation and trying to unpack in a dirty house with NO furniture also wasn’t my favorite experience.  And we didn’t take anything out of the kitchen or the bathroom, and packing a kitchen is awful.  So.

BUT here is something I did not anticipate.  The unexpected bonus of this whole shebang is that it’s an awful lot like moving, and the good part of moving is that you get to throw so much stuff away.  You get to reconsider all of your stuff, and to address things that you never liked or that didn’t fit quite right before.  I’ve taken bags and bags and bags of crap to the Goodwill drop off, so many bags of things that they know me now and greet me cheerfully when I show up at their door with all the CD’s that were printed in 1994, and I have honestly LOVED getting rid of all this stuff.  Our house feels so much more open and airy now.  And I am taking the chance to tweak a few things, to fix the living room which has never been right, at least not to me, to put a mirror where a picture seemed like a good idea but wasn’t, and so far I have been so pleased with the results. It’s like a great big second chance.

I have, however, been forced to realize that I might have a wee little bit of problem, because apparently, if you made something out of ceramic that was less than four inches tall and cost less than four dollars, in the past four years?  Dudes, I bought it.  I have SO MUCH little tiny trinketry, like, a woah amount of small white vases, and seriously I am NOT ALLOWED to buy anything ever again unless it is as least 12 inches tall.   This stuff is cheap and it’s convenient and it’s easy to buy when you want to just buy SOMETHING, but we honestly don’t have room for it and it makes our house feel trinkety and cluttered and no more! No more tiny white birds!  Buy big or do not buy!

So. I am thrilled with how our bedroom has turned out.  (Pictures soon! Have to do the baseboards!).  I have lots of ideas for the dining room.  (Need to buy a bench!)  But the kids room is giving me fits.   Somehow it went from a room I loved with a loose “vintage childhood” theme to a weird boring pastel room.  And I am not sure how to fix it without repainting it, and I have already painted it FIVE times and I don’t want to repaint it, and there’s this giant wall over Eli’s bed and I have NO IDEA what to put there, and that room is just giving me fits.  I have some ideas, but I don’t know.  God. I think I have to repaint it.

Maybe I’ll just take everything out, paint the dresser white, and then see where we  go from there.  It’s hard to envision, but I want a fun, bright, vintagey gender neutral room with mostly primary colors and red and what I have right now is a pastely yellow room with lots of miscellaneous crap and pastel greens.

Anyway.  If anyone has any ideas for what to hang on a giant empty wall over a kids bed, I would appreciate the help.

I am thinking: I will keep the yellow.  I will take out all the crap, and I will stick with yellow, pink and red.  So keep the dresses over the crib, keep the crib bedding (it’s pink).  Make a giant number two (hee) on wood in red and white and stick it somewhere.  Cover the green boxes with red fabric or paper.  Move in the red suitcases.  Declutter.  Paint over the boys mural wall which I hate, and he doesn’t like.  Take down the letters over the window, and consolidate the numbers.  Etc.

Crap. I really don’t want to repaint it.

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  1. It is fairly ridiculous for ME to give YOU decorating advice, but could you paint just the blank area? With… squares or something? I’m getting this idea from my sister who hung her kids’ name plaque things on top of a square of contrasting paint. Ie, my nieces room is pink, so she painted on a square of yellow and hung the name plaque on that.

    I think this is a suggestion for how to hang up something small and make it seem bigger, so it would be cheaper, because the contrasting background would fill in the white space. Or if you can paint actual designs, you could skip hanging something over it.

    Or maybe vinyl wall stickers? Because you could spread those out to fill in the space. Or you can buy a poster for cheap on Amazon; I got Jack two truck posters and some cheap poster frames, and I got Nora a huge poster of penguins, because she loves penguins.

  2. I grew up in a House of Small Tchotchkes, and as a result I am a buyer of Extra-Large Tchotchkes. At least a foot high. Anything tiny in this house was probably a gift.

    In this house tour is a lovely yellow little boys room:

    Blank wall: vintage travel posters are on and for fairly cheap ($20ish), frame them in a large $30 frame from Ikea. Or paint stripes in a contrasting color. (I am going to be doing this in the boys room, but I am lazy and mathematically challenged and will actually be ordering $$$ worth of wall stripe sticker decals.)

    check out lay baby lay’s blog? She has some pretty awesome moodboards for inspiration.

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