Speaking of My Dining Room…

I need advice.  I am putting a bench in there so people can sort of hang out while dinner is being made, and so we can use it to pull up to the table when there are more than four people eating dinner.


Bland and safe? But admittedly, very lovely. (And $200).  Also, can be wiped off easily, and can easily be used as a dining bench.

Or GORGEOUS, but a lot more…crazy pants.  Also probably a little harder to clean.  But $40 on Craigslist.  But stranger as a bench for sitting on while eating spaghetti.

Opinions, anyone?

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  1. I see your delima! The craigs list one is amazing but it would be hell to clean and you know there will be much cleaning. But, you could cover it in oilcloth for a few years- pick a fun pattern and embrase the age of the kids for a while. I vote #2 even though it is the wrong choice for people with kids our age but hot ham we deserve a cool house!

  2. #2.

    What Christina said!

  3. I am in love with bench #2 and I will cry if you don’t go get it ASAP.

  4. #2!!!


  5. I can’t even vote, because each is so perfect in its own–but completely different–way. IN GENERAL, though, I find I don’t go wrong when choosing furniture for love instead of for suitability, as long as the inner quality is there. And #2 is the one that makes me want to sit down. So I guess I AM voting! But if you choose the first one, I love that one too.

  6. My goal is always to make my house look aesthetically pleasing, inviting, and comfy (and look like ME… or, er, US) WITHOUT making it look like a furniture store showroom. (Ha, ha, ha, and you can REST ASSURED there is no chance of that happening right now as I glance around at this mess…) Anyway, for that reason, I pick #2. It’s perfectly functional, and it’s unique.

  7. Sigh. Old person votes for the bench with the back for eating. But I might let the $160 difference sway me for one I’ll probably never even see….

    • I have decided that GORGEOUS orange bench is a bedroom bench, and boring white bench is a dining bench, and lovely as orange bench is, I need a dining bench, not a bedroom bench. Boring old person for the win!

  8. Gorgeous crazypants. Every time. Especialy at 20% price of the other!!

  9. oh, I was going to vote for number 2. I feel that you could easily upholster over the pretty orange with a wipeable vinyl for a year or seven and then take that off when the banshees learn to eat with utensils.

    So you are of course buying both benches, amirite? The orange for your bedroom and the other for the dining room?

  10. Crazy Pants!!! Totally!

  11. Craigslist one, obvs. The burst of color is totally fun and you can paint the ugly legs if you need….

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