Why I Love Garage Sales

Large “found” glass wine bottle at Pottery Barn? TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Large glass wine bottle I just “found” at the garage sale down the street, under some  horrible rattan basket?  EIGHT DOLLARS.

Mr. E is NOT nearly impressed with this find, so I had to blog it, obvs.



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  1. Ooo…what a gorgeous steal! Go you!

  2. Last night I saw a crystal chandelier-style candelabra sitting on top of a recycling bin. I had my husband reverse the car and I jumped out and grabbed it. It’s lovely, and had been clearly put out by the nearby restaurant for someone to take. We brought it home, and have no idea where to put it. But it sure is lovely.I love beautiful things that don’t cost $200. Seriously, wtf? Olive oil bottles?

  3. Yours is SO BEAUTIFUL! $200?? Are they insane?? You totally win!

  4. That bottle is gorgeous! I wish I could buy one for $8.

  5. It’s wonderful! My dad made a lamp out of one of these for me when I was in elementary school! (He and my mom drank the wine first.)

  6. Isn’t that what a blog is for?

  7. But, what of the babes? How do you display without the fear of breakage?? Live it, btw.

    • If they break it I will sell THEM at a garage sale. Just kidding. Sort of. I think I’ll put it up high on a bookshelf or maybe the mantel? But I tink I could also just set it on the floor and it would be ok.

  8. LOVE. damn, phone. Thumb.

  9. Okay, see, I would NEVER EVER happen upon something like that. Never. All I ever find at garage sales are sweat-stained polo shirts and crappy furniture that was crappy when originally purchased thirty years ago.

    I think garage sales are more exotic in California than they are in the North Texas suburbs.

    In any case, I am very impressed! I would tell everyone who walked in my house that story.

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