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K.W. has super sensitive skin, I think.  She’s had this terrible diaper rash for awhile, despite the unscented wipes we use and the chlorine free diapers and liberal use of A&D.  And she’s always ABSOLUTELY HATED having her diaper changed, it’s the only time she’s ever really mad about anything.  I did everything I could think of to get rid of the rash because it got so bad that she’d scream when she was sitting and as soon as she pooped.  I tried lots of diaper free time (pee all over my kitchen floors! Fun!), prescription ointment, yeast infection cream, blowing it dry, patting it dry, a gazillion baths, you name it, I tried it.  (Except one really obvious thing I did not try, duh.)

Anyway, I was all set to buy this insanely expensive Triple Paste that everyone claims is your last resort but somehow something finally clicked i in my head and rather than pay $21.79 for diaper cream I thought maybe first I would try getting rid of the wipes.  (Huggies Sensitive Fragrance Free.)  I switched from those to a sippy cup filled with water and roll of paper towels cut in half.  Combined with some of the Boudroux’s Butt Cream,  her rash cleared up almost instantly.  She doesn’t cry anymore, at all, when she has her diaper changed.  And call me crazy but things seem cleaner and less stinky down there as well.  Also, I am guessing this is significantly cheaper, and it hasn’t really been any more annoying.  Just sprinkle on some water from the sippy cup, swab with some paper towels, done.

Thank goodness for Google, because otherwise this might never have actually occurred to me.

(P.S. I know you can also use actual cloth wipes, but I’m just not at that life stage at this present time.)



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  1. A $0.99 spray bottle is also good for the water…

  2. Those wipes are terrible, Pavillions/vons has a wipe that is really great as I have tried them all. It is their line of wipes, Mother to Mother, the green box, no fragrance.

  3. Wow – how weird it was the wipes! I think that would have been my last thought, what with the “sensitive” designation and everything. Glad you found a solution.

  4. my MIL shared with me the tip of liquid antacid (like Milk of Magnesia) with benedryl ointment slathered all over the bum. Worked well for us. Glad you (& google) were able to find a solution and super glad her little bum feels better!

  5. Boudreaux’s is the bomb. I found it 7 years ago when I was actually living in Louisiana (and every 3rd person I met was named Boudreaux).

  6. My son has super sensitive skin as well. What saves us is using cloth diapers and wipes. (We sort of knew from the start that this was probably the way we would have to go since my husband has the most sensitive skin known to man.) Every time we travel and use disposable diapers and wipes, my son gets a rash. So sad. Otherwise, he is rash free. Yeah! For that reason alone, I think I love my cloth.

    Glad to hear though that you found a happy alternative solution that would not require too much investment. 😉 And I might just take this tip with me the next time we travel.

  7. We have used home-made wipes for our kids since I discovered the recipe 9 years ago. We mix sensitive skin cetaphil and baby oil with water and pour over a roll of paper towels cut in half and kept in a 10qt tupperware container. Let me know if you want the measurements.

    I swear by it and all of my friends, blogging and IRL have sworn by it once they’ve tried it. Bonus: you can wipe off their faces and hands w/o any nasty alcohol taste or burn.

  8. Whenever Sam has a diaper rash, I ditch the wipes as well. What I did in lieu of paper towels was cut up an old cotton T-shirt and just dunk them in warm water.

    What I also recommend is some SUPER -diluted witch hazel in a spray bottle. Works wonders.

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