A Young Man’s Thoughts Turn Towards Fall

I am not sure if I will ever lose the deep sense of satisfaction I get from growing things myself, especially when those things are heirloom tomatoes.  The Cherokee Purples are marvelous this year.  Next year I am going to grow nothing but heirlooms and cherry tomatoes.  My Early Girls are bland and useless and might as well be from the grocery store.

I grew those! And then I ate them.

As I am sure everyone else on the planet already knows, you can grow a garden all year long, at least in Sacramento.  It’s time for fall seed ordering, in other words.  I dug out all the squash (why did I plant so much squash?) and very shortly I will put in spinach, chard, carrots, lettuce, golden beets, peas, and beans.

If you grow nothing else, I would recommend throwing a few lettuce seeds in the ground.  It couldn’t be easier or cheaper, and it’s insanely awesome to be able to walk out into your backyard and grab some fresh lettuce anytime you want to have a salad.  You do have to wash it, but the fact that it’s ready to go whenever you want it and not sitting in your refrigerator rotting is really really nice.

(P.S. I used to order my seeds from Burpee, but now I always order them from Fedco because they don’t genetically modify their seeds.



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  1. I am sad that we did not get to plant tomatoes (or anything else) this year. We moved July 1 and the moving company wouldn’t move the plants, so I didn’t bother planting anything this spring.

    The weather here has been terrible for tomatoes anyway. The lady next door to us has over 500+ tomato plants (yes, really) and keeps giving us tomatoes, but they are mushy and waterlogged from the wet weather we’ve had.

    Your tomatoes look delicious. How many varieties did you plant?

  2. OK I bought some lettuce seeds. I am assuming you don’t literally mean to throw them around. I am going to dig holes and put the seeds in. I hope it works. You have gotten my hopes up!

    • Well, they don’t have to be planted very deep, and they’re tiny, so you just have to sort of scratch at the soil, sprinkle them around, and then sprinkle some soil on top. And water, and that’s about it. So baiscally yes, throw them at the ground and go!

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