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I doubt it will shock anyone to hear that  I am already thinking about Christmas.  I like to have a plan, what can I say?  This year Mr. E and I are going to join the technological age and buy ourselves a giant flat screen tv for Christmas, because we are just that fricking romantic.  We already have a tv, but we bought it right before flat screen tvs actually got cheap enough afford, and it’s a large large beast of a thing.  I don’t particularly want or need a giant television, but I do want my living room to look cute, and a television the size of Texas is harshing my decorating buzz.  Plus if I buy a new tv I also get to buy a cute new tv stand which makes it just the gift that keeps on giving.  Obviously.  You can’t put a tv that weighs 800 pounds and is the size of Texas on a cute tv stand.  Everyone knows that.

Anyway.  According to my lovely husband, the bare minimum giant television that he can stomach watching fourteen hours of the Simpsons on is a 37 inch television.  Aside from brands that no one has ever heard of because they’re made of rubber bands and used chewing gum in some factory in darkest Peru, I have found a giant flat screen television from Walmart (blargh) for $330 dollars.  But the thing is, I don’t know anything about buying giant televisions. I am not a dude, so I am not the person who wants to spend my Saturdays in Best Buy comparing giant televisions and talking about pixels, or whatever, either.  So my question to you guys is – should I wait to buy this giant tv?  Should I try to buy on Black Friday?  (barf).  Is there some crazy tech web site I should be trolling on a daily basis that’s going to have some great deal on a giant tv?  If I wanted a great deal on a giant tv, which I do, where should I look?

Thank you for your help, my assimilation to a regular old giant television consumerist American owes you one.


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  1. He might want to up that to a solid 40 … that’s what we have and sometimes when I’m on my 14th hour of Project Runway I’m left wishing I could see just a few more of Tim Gunn’s pores.

    As for where to look – my husband is a diligent researcher so, of course, when I yelled out to him to find out what you should do his comment was “has she looked at Consumer Reports yet to find the best one for the money?” So, that’s my advice before you start trying to find the where, find the what.

  2. Oh, Chris has THOUGHTS on this. Both what to get and where to buy and how to install. I will have him write it up and send to you.

  3. Try Plasma or LED. Plasma can really heat up a room, so make sure the room you have it in isn’t too small. LED is a lot more expensive but runs cooler than Plasma. Avoid Westinghouse, unless you want to buy a secondary sound system. These are all the things I know.

  4. We have two Samsung TVs. One was purchased online and the other was purchased at Best Buy. We really like the clarity of the LED TV. My recommendation would be a 40 or 42 inch TV if it will fit in your room – if you like to watch a lot of “dimmer” movies, it helps with visibility.

  5. Oh, I nearly forgot: If you do not mount the TV (either on the wall or one of the stands with a bracket) your homeowners insurance DOES NOT cover TV damage.

  6. Wow. Phillip would rather die than put ME in charge of the TV purchase. Probably because I would buy the cheapest one at WalMart.

  7. My husband did more research on the behemoth tv he brought to our marriage than he did on the last car he bought. Most/all of his research was through Consumer Reports and CNET, and I think he actually bought it through Newegg, because even with shipping it was less than through Costco and both have excellent warranty/return/exchange policies.

    (It came in a CRATE. Because the thing is 60 inches wide. I am not exaggerating when I call it a behemoth.)

  8. CNET! But, we have a 50″ Sony and a 42″ VIZIO (bought spur of the moment at Wal-mart!). I LOVE the Vizio. It is my preferred TV, even though the Sony is bigger and in the room with the “comfy” couch… 🙂 Good luck!

  9. I don’t know, but I will tell you that I bought a fancy-ass Vizio tv with built-in apps, so we could connect to netflix and amazon streaming and all that. and then my daughter wandered off with the fancy-ass remote, and now we can’t access the apps, and I am very grumpy about this. And a replacement remote is like $50.

    so, beware of tricksy remotes.

    but it is nice to have the flatness!

  10. Next time we hang out, just talk to Andrew. He might as well be a g-d TV salesperson.

  11. I second NewEgg for looking and gathering info, and purchasing if they have the one you want.

    Some stores have black Friday sales online. I’m pretty sure Best Buy does.

    We had a 42″ Sony Bravia and loved it. I actually miss it.

  12. I would run screaming from Samsung. We have a 46″ Samsung and though the picture is amazing, it has a known problem with the capacitors which basically ruins the TV about 3 years in. Customer service on this issue is less than inadequate.

    Also, I would get the biggest screen you can afford. You get used to it surprisingly quickly. 🙂

  13. Go to Costco for value-for-money. We have not yet gone wrong there. Also, we bought a Westinghouse LED 3 years ago for our bedroom and love it so much that we just bought a larger one of the same model for our family room. Not a single problem, amazing picture quality, and my husband was able to carry the box inside and down two flights of stairs himself so – not 800 pounds!!

  14. We went with a Samsung after my husband did extensive research (his favorite past time for a while there was to “visit” the t.v.s at Best Buy and Circuit City). He always recommends checking out Nextag for price comparisons. I wasn’t gung ho on getting a big t.v., but I actually enjoy it now, and they are certainly more attractive! Good luck.

  15. One thing you might want to look into is what firmware comes on the tv. Can it stream Netflix? Hulu? Any other free stuff? Do you want to get into adding OTHER things like a Mac Mini so you can get FREE Plex shows? (I watch all my cabe shows on demand via Plex FOR FREE. It’s incredible.) Our tv also does Pandora, which is sometimes fun. Having a connected tv saves us a shit ton on cable every month because all of that is avail online (and we pay for Netflix anyway).

    TVs these days are so much more than tvs. Hook them up to the internet and they’re amazing. Chris said he would send you an email!

  16. Also, we have Panasonic tvs and Chris loves them and I love them too.


  17. If you are looking to bond with Greg, call him. He would DIE to talk tvs with.

  18. I am no help at all. We actually received our TV as payment when my husband did some construction work for a friend. And it’s a DLP which I heart very much, but they don’t even make them anymore (plus they aren’t wall mountable- that’s the only downside.) I’m sure one of these days he’ll want a new one and then I’ll have to hear all about TVs but for now I remain ignorant.

  19. We have a 67 inch television in our living room and a 45? inch in our bedroom. My husband likes televisions. He wants to get rid of the little one, move the living room television into the bedroom, and get a giant projector for the living room. And I am starting to be all for that because a projector screen? Won’t be within reach of the two year old so that I don’t have to say things like “we do not hit the television with a wooden mallet!”

    You can get a wall mounted television and actually put a frame around it, if you feel like going that far. They look really nice that way.

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