House Tour: Dining Room

For some reason it seemed really important that I paint at least one room in my house a very dark color, so for a long time our dining room was this very dark brown.  It took me three years to realize that it just never felt right.  It was SO dark in the wintertime.  Yuck.

When we redid the floors I finally decided I would repaint it because the dark floors plus the dark walls pushed me over the edge.

Anyway, the new color is Revere Pewter, it’s much better. I had it color matched from a Benjamin Moore paint chip by Kelly Moore, and I love their paint.  It’s very washable for a flat latex paint. 

We also moved some furniture around because eventually I’d like to put a bench under the window so people can hang out and talk to me while I cook, but I’m looking for the perfect bench and it hasn’t yet presented itself.  In the meantime I am pretty happy with my orange chairs.


The chandelier is from Pottery Barn, and I know people talk some shit about Pottery Barn but I love it and I get scads of compliments on it, although Mr. E and I almost killed ourselves putting it up since we did it before we owned a ladder and I had to perch precariously on a stack of books with one hand in the air. 


I had that IKEA shelf in the living room doing absolutely nothing, and for some reason I was afraid to take it down.  I have no idea why change is so difficult but I guess I though it would really suck to pry it down off the wall and then change my mind? Anyway, I sawed off a few inches and painted it white and Mr. E hung it on the wall in the dining room and it’s seriously made all the difference in this room, I love having this little space for platters and it makes this room feel so much more like a dining room.  And it feels so much more light and airy in here now!


The white cabinet is also from IKEA but it came with silver handles that were a little too “I snort coke off this cabinet” for me so I made some new handles out of some random square bits of wood from Home Depot.  I’d like to change out the silver legs as well but I’ve never really figured out how that would work.  I looked for a vintage buffet or sideboard on Craigslist forever,  but I needed something to hold my dishes sooner rather than later so I gave up and bought this cabinet and overall I’ve been very happy with it. 

Normally I am not a fan of wrought iron candleholders as they read very “subdivision interior design” to me but I got this for $1 at a garage sale and somehow it works.  I need some more candle cups for it though.

This spot at the head of the room languished sadly for years while I searched thrift stores for a giant oil painting, and then my insanely talented friend Leslie took our picture and made this huge print for me, and it’s so great I can’t believe it. I was a teeny weeny bit dubious about having a giant headless picture of myself hanging on my dining room wall but it is nothing short of fabulous.  It is crazy perfect for this room.

 leslie living room 1

The china cabinet is on the other side of the room, and the old lady couch fabric I stuck in it has grown on me enough so I that I am not planning on replacing it anytime soon. 


We still need to repaint all the trim and add the shoe base to the baseboards, but at the rate we’re going that will be finished at some date one cannot even imagine, it is so far away.

{I took that rotten picture of the china cabinet, the rest of them are by the lovely Leslie Callan who you should hire if you live in Sacramento because she is totally amazing and I am in awe of her talent and she will make you a giant headless picture for your wall and you will love it.}


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  1. LOVE IT!! This is why I want to copy everything you do. It’s a sickness of mine. 🙂

  2. OMFG I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF Y’ALL. All caps to express how very much!

  3. The art! I love the art! Also the chandelier.

  4. Everything everyone else said. It’s all perfect.

  5. It looks bigger! I also think that photo is fantastic. I love it so much more than someone elses art. The whole space is just awesome. I love it.

  6. can you come over and fix my house please?

  7. Love that room! LOVE. Specifically the colors and whatnot.

    But the shelf with plates is driving me crazy. Specifically the patterns. White, blue, white? Perfect. Hey, wait a second….. The plates are oval, oval, rectangle. But….but…. You could switch them to a shape pattern….but…but…. The MADNESS.


  8. I love that picture of your family! I also really like the paint color. And I spotted the two ceramic birds on the shelf–I have mad love for all things bird, so I’m a big fan. Thanks for the glimpse into your pretty room.

  9. Gorgeous! I love the paint color and the white accents and the photo and the candle holder and EVERYTHING.

  10. I love this WHOLE ENTIRE ROOM, but I drooled a little bit over that gorgeous photograph! I LOVE it!!! Totally makes the room!
    Also… WHERE did you get your bag? It’s gorgeous!!

    • Thank you! The bag is Orla Kiely via Anthropologie but it’s from about two or three years ago.

  11. Also? The “old lady” floral? Is so not old lady. Love that too! Don’t change a thing!

  12. That photo is crazy perfect! I was admiring it the whole time. What a great idea.

    Gorgeous room, by the way.

  13. It’s all just perfection. It looks like home…in the best way possible. And that photo is beautiful.

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