Photo Shoot

There’s more pictures from our photo shoot the other day up on Leslie’s blog today.  And there are chunky baby thighs involved, so I’d say it’s worth your time to check it out.


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  1. Holy shit! Your family is amazingly beautiful! Your kids couldn’t be any cuter!

  2. For serious, the thighs. The cuteness.

  3. You have SUCH a beautiful family! Love the photos.

  4. Holy smokes, you guys are cute! And those baby thighs…

  5. Oh my, y’all are REALLY stinking adorable!

  6. would you mind if I borrowed this idea? There is a frame over my sideboard in the dining room that is begging for something interesting, and I love the idea of the kids on the steps.

  7. omg, i would paper my whole dining room with photos, if I had photos like this.

  8. You have such a beautiful family… seriously, those shots are all so radiant!

  9. great pictures elizabeth. so nice that you have them forever.

  10. Again, perfection. The kiddos are kind of the most adorable ever.

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