Thirteen Things…

You Should Maybe Know (About Me and Other Things) Before You Spend the Entire Weekend at the Blathering.

1.  I never turn down a tequila shot.

2.  I sometimes get shy in large groups.

3. I giggle a lot.

4. I have charts and spreadsheets and printouts and inspiration pictures for the Blathering Decor but I am still a wee bit stressed about it.  This is the never ending fate of a perfectionist.

5. My little sister has Down Syndrome.  I am totally not cool with the word “retarded.”  But if you slip up and say it around me, I am not a big enough ass hat that I will write your name on some list and hate you forever.  It’s when I explain that it hurts me and people insist on doing it anyway on PURPOSE that I really get upset.  But still. I’d really rather not hear it.

6.  I have the world’s worst booze tolerance.  If you see me throwing back shots me remind me to drink water.

7.  I am totally amazed, astonished and unbelievably excited that what was once a casual tiny idea in an email and then what was once dinner in my backyard has become something that 50 people are coming to!  It blows my mind how awesome you guys all are.

8.  I enjoy a sequined hat at least as much as the next person.

9.  I am so excited for a night in which I won’t be awoken by a shrieken baby, you have no idea.

10.  Every article of clothing I posses is apparently the same damn shade of navy blue.

11.  So there’s this certain famous blogging conference where it seems like beforehand people talk a lot about HOW to have a good time and then they all come back from it and talk about how they all had such a good time and I don’t know about you but it never really seems like most of them have actually had a good time.  There’s a lot of HOW to have a good time information out there for how much good time it seems that people actually have.  If you know what I mean.    Probably I’m wrong, probably it’s a laugh riot, but whatever.  Anyway.

The Blathering is…not like that.  You do not need to study instructions beforehand on how to have a good time.  It’s an actual good time, and it doesn’t matter what you look like or how many people read your blog or who follows you on Twitter or where you go to church or IF you go to church, we will be nice to you, and some people you might not click with and some people may not become your best friend but EVERYONE will be nice to you.  And some people might surprise you.  For example last year I finally met Lauren in person, and on paper perhaps Lauren and I don’t have a lot in common (she is churchy, I am not, she is a Republican, I am not), and in reality Lauren and I have SO MANY things in common that it’s a little shocking, in fact I think we understand some things about life that only other people who have been through those things GET and she has become one of my favorite people.  So as I said, you just never know.  But you can know that you will have a good time.

12.  I have never been to Texas! I have been studying up, but I still can never remember anything about the Alamo. I also can’t remember where we keep the peanut butter or my ATM password, so there you go.

13.  I am bringing 7 pairs of shoes.  This strikes me as excessive, but I cannot really persuade myself to do much about it.


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  1. First tequila shot? ON ME!

  2. This makes me even more excited for this weekend.

    I think I’m only up to 5 pairs of shoes. But I’m not done packing yet.

  3. #11 was very helpful. I wsa sort of telling myself that the other night, because 50 is actually a lot of people, and my husband talked me into going to this thing, and I feel like I’m totally crashing the cool kids party, and some of the blogs on the list I read and don’t click with, and others I just adore, even though I have diddly and or squat in common with the writer, and I’m preparing myself to be ok with the fact that it’s totally ok for my liking to not be reciprocated, because just from eavesdropping on these folks in Twitter, I get the feeling that so long as I mind my own manners, they won’t hate me to my face, and this isn’t about cool kids or newbies or anything…

    which is to say that I’m super excited and really glad that when the website said anyone could come, you really meant anyone, even me.

  4. I like that you included #5. Since my son has Ds I am always a little on guard in large groups of new people and I hate that I have to be. Have an awesome time.

  5. I know your decorations will be fabulous as well as your shoes.

  6. I live in Texas and I have been to the Alamo 3 times and I still don’t really have a clue what the whole deal was. Of course, I am not a native Texan so I don’t care quite so much about it.

  7. Lauren is the BEST!

    I can’t wait to see you and everyone else!

  8. Oh, this makes me so excited for this weekend. Well, FOR YOU! haha. I hope you have such a great time with lots of sequins. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    And I’m sure even if you 7 pairs of shoes you will have less suitcases than I had last year, so hey, you won’t be THAT a-hole 😉 Fun times! Have a blast!

  9. Oh, number 9. Am so excited about many things, but #9 ranks right up there.

    Also a very exciting prospect? Meeting you and all the Organizers. I am a wee bit worried that I’ll get starstruck. Thanks so much for all your hard work to date.

  10. Um, you know how many shoes you’re bringing? CRAP. I haven’t even thought about packing yet. I’m so behind!! (but totally, ridiculously excited!!!!)

  11. Now I know why you and Jennie get along…TEQUILA shots. Jennie loves shots! I can’t wait to be the photographer during all these shots.

    I took 5 pairs of shoes on a weekend trip to Houston. I do not judge about shoes!

    Thanks for all your hard work you’ve put into the Blathering all while managing your household and many renovations!

    See you Wednesday!

  12. Oh that Natalie. She’s the best, ain’t she?

  13. I’m so excited for this weekend! Even though I’m not going! *sobs* Seems odd to be looking forward to something that I’m not a part of but I guess I can’t wait to hear about all the fun you guys have. Someone be sure to live-tweet the WHOLE DAMN THING, please. Thx!

  14. Second shot on me!

  15. This makes me Weepy Willie that I am not able to go.

  16. I wish I were going. I would match you shoe for shoe and raise you a pair of pants if I were.

  17. I so wish I could go, even though I’m not really a blogger anymore and I don’t live anywhere near Texas. If you’re still doing this when we get back to the US in a few years, I’ll be there.

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