Blathering 2011: In Which I Use the Word Amazing One Billion Times

The year we first had the Blathering, and I got to know the 17 amazing women that showed up in my backyard, I was just happy that no one killed me and ate me, and that everyone got along so well and I don’t think I quite realized what an amazing thing we had cooked up between us, this idea that one day we were reading these words we all send out into the world and the next day we were all together and laughing and drinking wine and getting to know each other in living color, right here in real life.

And the next year we had the Blathering, I felt like we became real friends.  I didn’t know everyone as well as I do now, still, but the fact that many of the same people who came to Sacramento showed up all over again and that when we said “Let’s do this again” people bought plane tickets and got on a plane and showed up, that meant the world to me.  And that was the year we became friends.  Not friends in the computer or friends on Twitter but just real plain honest to goodness would pick you up from the airport when you travel by yourself with two kids and your flight gets canceled at 10 o’clock at night friends.

And this is going to sound weird, and I don’t mean it to sound weird, and I’m married and all that, so don’t mis read me, but this Blathering?  This was the year that I fell smack down butt crazy 100% percent in love with my friends, those once upon time strangers in the internet, and I’ve just never felt so loved back by people that I too am so crazy about, and there’s no words for how that makes you feel.  Because the truth is that these people ,these women I love, they just plain make me better, and not everyone in life does that for you.  When I am with these women I never feel fat.  I never feel ugly.  I never feel boring or not good enough or uncool.  I feel beautiful and smart and funny and appreciated and amazing and loved, and there’s something about being in a room filled with people beaming that feeling right back at you that gives you something better than all the tequila shots in all the land.  It is an amazing gift.

Sometimes the Blathering can be a little bit stressful because there are so many people who come that you cannot spend enough time with all the people you want to get to know. I didn’t have enough time with so many people.  All weekend it felt like a whirlwind, and I always try to at least talk a little bit to every person but I am worried sometimes that I come across as snooty or bitchy and I promise, I am just overwhelmed and a little shy, and I am worried about my decorations and the food and forcing myself on people who don’t care that much about talking to me, and I do wish I had ten times the amount of time to sit down across from that person whose blog I love and talk to her in person and to tell her how much her posts on kale and bad burritos make me laugh or how much I love her haircut or her daughter’s name, but there just simply is  not enough time.

But then I realized that maybe this is the true point of the Blathering – I have my ladies, I do. I have found my people, my 10 PM airport picker uppers.  And I met so many more people this weekend that I adored and I am totally going to also make them pick me up at the airport someday at 10 PM.  But also this year all the people I barely got to to talk to, most of them were people having their first Blathering ever, just like me three years ago,  and those people found people and then spent their weekend together figuring out that not only would people not kill them and eat them, but that just maybe they too had found Their People, and those little groups finding each other, those pictures captioned “my ladies”, the shared hotel rooms and the tweets back and forth to new lifelong friends, that’s the real magic of the Blathering right there, and even though I am maybe not in every single one of those groups, I am so glad that this crazy thing we started three years ago is not only wonderful for me, has not only brought me best ladies and new friends, but is bringing that same thing to other people now.

Because truthfully everyone should some day get to feel the way these ladies, these platonic loves of my lives, my best girls, everyone should get to feel the way they make me feel.  They laugh at my jokes.  They make me lasagna and car trifle.  They tell me how much it means to them when I write about Down syndrome.  They tell me I send the best text messages of anyone in the world.  They hug me goodbye even though I have the flu.  They drive me home when I get sick and take me the airport at 6 am.  They find me from across the room and they tell other people “See why I’m friends with these people?” and they tell me they love my shoes and they agree with my stance on cake balls (decidedly anti) and they inspire me with their parenting and they pull over for the 5th time when I have to go the bathroom again and they cry at my sad stories and they laugh at my funny ones and they tell me unbloggable stories about wooden vaginas and and they poke me when I am putting on eyeliner and they stand with me in the hallway when I need a little time out and they get in the shower with me when I can’t figure out how to turn on the hot water and they tell me they love my living room redecoration and they hang my crazy garlands from way high up on the ceiling and when you feel love like that beamed at you all weekend with the power of a thousand burning suns, you just can’t help it.  All that love just plain makes you better, and multiplied times the power of 50 and then the power of the internet and then the power of queso plus the power of sequined cowboy hats, well, pretty soon you’ve just spent a weekend having pretty much very best time of your entire life.

So thank you, ladies.  All ya’ll mean the world to me.

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  1. Ah, so wonderful!! Sounds like you all had an incredible time. I’m SO going next year…come hell or high water!

  2. This made me teary! I loved meeting you and I;m So sorry you got sick. I really missed you Saturday night. Thanks for all of the work you did, everything was just perfect.

  3. Thank you for understanding that feeling of not wanting to force yourself on someone who maybe isn’t all about talking to you AND for mentioning it.

    I wish for more time with you!

    • me too lady, me too. Next year I am locking you in a closet with me. In a totally non creepy way. E

  4. I’m so glad it was a great weekend! I’m so sad that I didn’t go! Silly me!

  5. Exactly. Yes. And I will pick you up at the airport any time. Even at 11.

  6. So, so happy we got to meet up, however briefly. Even if the Internet will not acknowledge that it happened, what with no picture being taken.

  7. I am SO relieved that I’m not the only one out there who is anti-cake ball. There, I said it.

    I was so happy to see you again, and I don’t feel like I got to spend anywhere close to enough time with you. I’m glad you started this little thing in your backyard three years ago!

    (And your decorations are always beautiful. As is your living room.)


    You’re the best. So excited to see you (again!) on Sunday. Tequila shots at breakfast? 😉

  9. Okay, that made my entire month or possibly year. And now I’m extra determined to come next year so that I can prove that I’m not *just* a shy weirdo who is always too tired to stand up very much.

  10. THREE Blatherings. Two I couldn’t afford to attend and one I was too pregnant to attend. But NEXT YEAR DAMMIT. Next year I will be there. I am so jealous!

  11. Even though I wasn’t there this year, I consider my friendship with you to be the Very Best Thing that ever came out of the Blathering. Can’t wait to see you this weekend.

  12. Love! Thank you so much for all your hard work again. I think you’ve got the right idea. It was a wonderful weekend.

  13. And this just made me even more certain that I will do whatever it takes to make The Blathering 2012 happen for me.

  14. Yes. THIS. This is totally what I wanted to say!
    So glad you’re my lady. Love you.

  15. I felt that way TOOO. I didn’t feel fat or self conscious or any of the things I normally feel. I AM shy and tend to stick close to people I know, but the flip side is that in that environment, I ONLY worried about how I came off personally due to shyness, not due to being fat or ugly or awkward. If that makes sense.

    Anyway, our private walk to the book fair was one of my favorite parts. Thank you for that.

  16. This! This is such a great explanation of it all. It was my first Blathering and you’re right- mostly for me it was finding a few new friends and maybe meeting a few people who I maybe have FanGirl crushes on 😉 And then when it was all over I was thinking about what it will be as it grows (because you know it will- people are ASKING ABOUT THIS THING NOW!!!) and I realized, even if it grows, it will still be awesome, because each time new people will come and meet their besties, and the groups may overlap a little bit and that’s good too, but even if they don’t, it’s the Blathering that brought them together.

    Great decorations btw 🙂 You rocked it!!!

  17. I’m just sitting here wondering how many of these recap posts I’m going to comment on with some variation of: Yes, exactly! Because, Yes, exactly!

  18. I agree with Elsha! And seriously, your recap captures exactly how I feel about the weekend. And this was my first one. Thanks for making it so great.

  19. That’s it, right on the money. And your decorations were, too. Thanks for everything, and I’m so glad I got to meet you.

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