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This is a sponsored post, Tiny Prints is giving me 50 free holiday cards to write about, well, uh, holiday cards. 

So you know how when you get married everyone says “No one will remember your invitations, it doesn’t matter, people just throw them out.” Well, I think it has been well established that I am just that special kind of crazy pants, because I am that person (besides you and your mom) that will remember your wedding invitations.

I’ve just always been this way – I have particular ideas about the pieces of paper that I send out and when it comes to holiday cards I have a specific set of parameters for my cards.  Actually, this reminds me a lot of my baby name preferences.  Arbitrary and based mostly on insanity but nevertheless making perfect sense to me, and since I’m the one sending these cards out, well, there you go.

Anyway. When it comes to Christmas cards, here’s what I am looking for:  a flat card made of real paper, not photo paper, aproximate dimensions of 5×7, containing one picture of the entire family including parents, suitably Christmassy in spirit, plus a nice colorful envelope.  I’m not going to write anything on it so I want to be able to get a nice cheery message in somewhere on the front.

Tiny Prints is awesome for a pick like me because I can very easily find the 14 or so cards that meet my weird standards using their preferences in the side bar, and then I can favorite the ones I like the best, and then after I upload the one or two pictures I have that I am thinking of using I can see really quickly which cards work for that picture and which cards don’t.

Also, please note, they have the best customer service ever.  I bought Katie’s birth announcements on Etsy and although I am a fan of supporting small business, I don’t think I will ever stray from Tiny Prints again, because truth be told, I wasn’t wowed by the picture quality of the announcements and I felt like I had very limited recourse when I didn’t like them.  With Tiny Prints I know exactly what I am getting, there are no print quality surprises, and the only person I know who ever had an issue with an order got a new order shipped out for free no questions asked.

Here’s the picture I am using:










Please note I did not take this picture, Leslie Callan took this picture.  When I take the picture, it looks like this.

Here are the cards I picked out, most of which were easily eliminated because the picture didn’t work at all, or else the picture worked but I just didn’t get that “that’s the one!” feeling from it when I plopped the picture in.

Nostalgic Cutout. I love the red and overlay but the overlay cut off Eli in the picture I wanted to use.

Bright Patterns: Goldenrod.  Love the yellow, but because my picture isn’t very Christmassy, it didn’t really work.

Bubbly Holidays.

Joyeux Noel.  This was my favorite on first glance, but it also didn’t read Christmassy enough with my picture.

Transparent Trees.  So cute! The trees, however, landed right on Erik’s face.

Banner of Dreams.  So gorgeous and old fashioned! This is the card I would send if I didn’t have kids and I could take 75 pictures so I could get one that worked just right for this card. Alas, children ruin everything.

Simply Merry. Another favorite, also didn’t work with my picture.  (See, this is why it’s nice to have so many options and to be able to see so easily what works with a particular picture, because it’s really hard to get a lot of good pictures of four people when two of them are children and one of them hasn’t showered or brushed his hair AHEM.)

Colorful Letters. I also love this one! So bright and fun and holiday ish!  The letters were right over our faces, however.  Next year!

Spread Cheer.  This is the card that I chose, and while initially it didn’t jump out at me as the one, once I had tested out each card with our picture, it was the clear winner.


You can go pick out your own holiday cards at Tiny Prints, right here.

And if you are a blogger who wants to participate in this campaign, you can fill out this form, here.

And if you get this card in the mail from me, please act surprised!













10 Responses

  1. I am DEVASTATED that your shoes dont show.

    • I didn’t even notice that. Would it be innapropriate to cut off the baby’s head so you can see my shoes? E

  2. Oh, this is awesome. I’ve been browsing TinyPrints for ages, favoriting cards. I can’t wait til we get the pictures back from our family photo shoot and I can start putting an actual picture into the cards to see what will work. Totally going to fill out that form!

  3. I agree that etsy can be quite a pain in the hoo ha. The lady I used last year had family problems and it took her forever to get my cards out. For some reason I keep repeating the self flagellation of finding these small businesses when tiny prints is clearly a ton easier and has better customer service.
    We’re all allowed to have our own weird things I guess.

    I was thinking this year our holiday card should be a big wooden vagina with “Shalom” or something written across it. What do you think?

    • At the very least you need to take the picture with a giant wooden vagina in the background, to set the mood.

  4. That card looks perfect with your photo!

  5. As you and your mailbox know, I’m a diehard tiny prints lady. Be prepared to hear me whine about no good photo after we do our photo shoot!

  6. I love Tiny Prints. I’m in the process of writing my own of these posts.

  7. “Alas, children ruin everything.” Indeed. I love love love the banner one, too. Since I’m such a procrastinator and haven’t chosen a picture to use yet, maybe I CAN choose my layout first and then photograph accordingly! I will make the banner work!

  8. I love how your outfits look great together without being all matchy matchy. That takes a special talent which I will never possess. Loving the texture from the doors too. Great picture, great card!

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