Our Advent Calendar Activities

(You’ll see these again starting December 1st. Look out.)

Also, there’s tons of ideas for easy and cheap advent calendars on Pinterest, even just using envelopes.  Or there’s this one at Land of Nod which is super cute for a mere $35, shipped.  Which is a really good price for a reusable fabric Advent Calendar.

These aren’t in the correct order, I’ll do that after I write them out and put them in the calendar.

  1. Nutcracker and Ginger Elizabeth’s with Amy (me) /Go shopping for a present for Mom (Mr. E and kids). Mine is better.
  2. Santa Parade and then Fairy Tale Town to see Santa
  3. have a Starbucks date for hot chocolate
  4. Get a Christmas tree
  5. make a gingerbread house
  6. get a new Christmas ornament and decorate the tree
  7. donate a toy to a needy child
  8. Make a handmade gift for someone
  9. decorate Christmas cookies, and then eat Christmas cookies while watching White Christmas and addressing Christmas Cards.
  10. have a treasure hunt
  11. open and read a Christmas book
  12. plant an amaryllis
  13. set up the nativity scenes
  14. get out the Christmas decorations
  15. Read Twas the Night Before Christmas
  16. Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  17. Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas
  18. Open family presents!
  19. Merry Christmas! Open Santa presents and go see Christmas lights!
  20. make a snow globe
  21. donate food to the food box at preschool
  22. pick and hang mistletoe (it grows all over the trees in our neighborhood).
  23. have an indoor picnic
  24. Write a letter to Santa
  25. Leave out shoes (December 5th)

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  1. I shall have to print out your list and compare it to my list. (Which I’ve been working on since August, I got kind of insane this year.) And yet I still haven’t made the advent calendar to put them in.

  2. Um…let me know when #9 is happening. I’m happy to help eat cookies 🙂

  3. Love this list — if you want the amaryllis to bloom by Christmas you might want to get it in soil now.

  4. Totally stealing your “activity list” idea. love it!

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