Ten Things I Love About You

1. The way you walk in a room, throw open your arms, and scream “OOOOOOOH!” every single time you put on a new piece of clothing.

2. The way you look all over the house, desperate to find me, calling “Mama? Mama? MAMA?” and toddling as fast as you can.

3. The hair.  DUDE.  That is some crazy crazy hair.








4. Your squishy little thighs, the way your bottom fits right on the curve of my hip, the way your soft fluffy head fits right up under my chin.

5. The fact that you refuse to eat something unless its from a spoon or a fork that you are holding.

6. The little babbling sounds that come from the back of the car.

7. The way you love that stupid cat with the fire of a thousand suns.

8. Your joy.  The joy of Katie just bubbles out into the world and it’s greater than anything I’ve ever seen.

9. The way you love your brother.  You believe him to be the greatest thing the world has ever known, and you just might be right.

10. Your astonishing being.

(Let me clarify.)

When your brother was born I knew just who he was.  He was me, in a tiny boy form, and I loved and adored him and not too many things he ever did surprised me very much.  He was just what I was expecting.

And then came you, and a thousand times a day I look down at you and think “Woah. Who ARE you, and where did you come from?”  I NEVER thought you would be like this. You are such a new new person, such a mystery, and you have just shocked the hell right out of me.  And I can honestly say that you are the most delightful surprise I have ever known.


10 Responses

  1. Love this post. 🙂

  2. I love this. My kids are the opposite though, my first, Kalena, is the one that constantly surprises me, and Will is SO much like me.

  3. That was just beautiful.

  4. I LOVE this post! How darling is Katie?

  5. Happy sigh. What a lovely post. And what an adorable picture!

  6. That baby…her cuteness! and the curls! and the smile! kills. me.

  7. This is great. I can’t wait to find out who my second one is.

  8. I am a stalker of your blog. Not sure how I discovered you, but somehow fell into a habit of reading your posts. Today, I had to come back and comment on this. I sat on my hands as a mother on Twitter belittled the music, clothing, and food choices of her (teen) daughter because they weren’t the same as her own. When I finally couldn’t take it any longer, I said something and was shushed with bullsh*t. I wanted to come here and congratulate you on recognizing the differences of your daughter and celebrating them. I don’t usually get sappy, but this post is lovely and kind and beautiful and makes me hopeful for the rest of mankind. Thank you for being a good mom.

  9. 🙂

    That picture! It pretty much sums up the whole post, doesn’t it?


  10. I am stealing this some day. Not the content but the idea. Love it to pieces.

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