Thanksgiving Table Settings

So far this year I’m way more excited about the Thanksgiving place settings than am I am about the food.

I do love a good over the top Thanksgiving table setting.

The table  cloth here is my canvas painter’s tarp.  I don’t know.  It’s huge so it’s nice and drapey and romantic.  Kind of reminds me of a Meatloaf video.  But it also is giving me a sort of icky “this was on the floor” vibe (although I did wash it twice) and it’s reading a little more putty than I wanted. I was hoping that this part of Thanksgiving could be free, but I might have to go see what Dwell is shilling at Target right now.

I try to keep the center of the table pretty open for all the food but before we put everything out I’ll have some flowers in the center of the table.  Thank god for Trader Joe’s and their cheap flowers.  Even if they did poison me with their dirty lettuce.

I really wish I didn’t still have this godawful silverware, but it is what it is.  New floors = no new silverware.

Anyway.  I ordered the little square boxes from Etsy, I think I’ll fill them with a piece of chocolate and maybe a piece of candied ginger?  Then inside I will put a little piece of paper that reads “We are thankful for Sara’s smile!” or something like that.

This is reading a tad austere for my taste though.  Maybe a different vase for the flowers.  Probably need a real tablecloth.  Maybe some crazy napkins. We’ll have to see what I can rustle up.

And if you don’t think I am making apples into little votive holders for my wall candle dealio then you have another think coming.



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  1. Yay! Love the apple votives. I was going to do mine with mini pumpkins, but the apples will be cheaper and cheerier, I think. (And we can eat them afterward.)

  2. I like the apples too! We are spending tgiving with my parents in College Station (football game is at 7p!) so this holiday is not my thing this year, which, THANK GOODNESS because I am, totally preoccupied with Christmas.

  3. Love the apples!!

  4. I just noticed on second glance… mason jars are double cute 🙂

  5. The apples are SO cool! And I love the little boxes and leaves in the plates. So lovely!

  6. Just found your blog and am loving reading all the old posts!

    We go to my in laws house in Arizona most years. Not only does my MIL use paper plates (she justifies it by saying they’re cute) but the kids are usually dripping wet from being in the pool all day. Not the holiday I imagined in my dreams.

    But I do have to say that after I’ve slaved away in the kitchen for two whole days, I’m pretty relieved to not have to wash any plates!

  7. When you get ready to replace the silverware, I will totally buy it from you! That is my everyday pattern; I used to have 16 place settings, but kids have managed to lose pieces so that now I’m down to 13 or 14 depending on what we’re eating. And it’s no longer available — I checked. Tell me what you have and what you’d like to get for it, and we’ll see if we can work something out.

    • It’s RevereWare and we had it when we were growing up, and that’s why I registered for it. HOWEVER it wasn’t until I got the stuff in my hand that I realized that in the intervening years between when I was a kid and I got married, they had made it really cheap and thin. It’s awful. Super flimsy and it rusts. When I get new stuff I’ll happily send it to you if you want it, but trust me, it’s really not nice like it was once upon a time. It is possible that i just have a cheap knock off or something though? This is way more than mine cost…

      • Ours is Oneida “1812” and it was definitely a mid-range stainless (I have my mom’s sterling for special occasions.) If you look carefully, yours — and ours — doesn’t have the little bumps at the top of the handle like the Paul Revere you linked to. I wouldn’t cal ours “super flimsy”, but it does bend. Maybe they made several price levels with a similar shape? I seem to remember ours was around $30 for four place settings.

      • Hey, maybe that’s why I don’t like it! It’s not actually Revere Ware. Anyway, whenever I eventually get rid of it, you can have it!

  8. You make everything so beautiful, Elizabeth.

  9. I would like to come to your house for Thanksgiving.

  10. I love the apple idea. How gorgeous!

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