Candle Time

Let me tell you about Candle Time!

Candletime is a made up thing that I first read about over on Ask Moxie…you are all reading Moxie, right? I shudder to imagine a world in which I am forced to raise children without Ask Moxie in my bookmarks and Arwen available via email.

Anyway, the gist of Candle Time is that every night from November 1st until Thanksgiving, you light candles in the evening and have a little family time, as a way to make the month of November just about THIS TIME, instead of BALLS TO THE WALL CHRISTMAS IN YOUR FACE for two freaking months.

We have altered this slightly to suit our family and so this year since November 1st, we’ve been having dinner by candlelight.

It is totally awesome.  First of all, I LOVE having dinner by candlelight.  Everything is just more beautiful and special.  I loved it when I was a little girl and I love it now.  And what better way to enjoy the fact that it’s pitch black at 4:30 PM than to have a nice candle lit dinner?

And the kids love it.  Well, at least Eli loves it.  Sometimes we forget Candle Time and he’s the one who reminds us, and he is in charge of snuffing out the candles when dinner is over.  It’s really just a few votives scattered down the middle of the table and a few other candles stuck in jars, and it’s just a tiny bit more effort than regular dinner, but it’s been so nice.  I look around at my kids and my family and I think to myself “This is a GREAT tradition.”

Totally recommend.


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  1. We are going to have to do this next year. Matt’s not eating at the table with us this year because of his back and we are out of candles right now, hence us not doing it this year. But next year, I am all over it.

  2. Wow; that sounds fabulous. I’m going to try to remember that idea.

  3. Oooh! I so want to do this! I love eating by candlelight.

  4. Totally stealing.

  5. I like it, but the lack of light makes it harder for me to shovel food into my pie hole.

    Signed, Mr. E

  6. LOVE this. Want to do this.

    Um. Can you possibly repost next year on November 1st? 🙂

  7. Holy cow. I was just thinking about the candle time moxie post this past weekend. Thinking how it’s a great idea but I doubt I’d ever action plan it out. Way to do it.

  8. This is a seriously awesome idea. I may have to steal it.

  9. We did our first Candle Time tonight after your suggestion and I really like it. I think we are just going to do from Thanksgiving to Xmas, but I an looking forward to a month of lovely dinners. Thanks for the idea!

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