Advent Day Five: Leave Your Shoes Out for St. Nicholas

When I was a little girl, I was always SO jealous of other people who did the St. Nicholas shoes thing.  I would NEVER remember to do this without the advent calendar, so it’s paying off already, because I LOVE this tradition. It’s a little introduction to Christmas and where the idea of Santa Claus comes from, all wrapped up into one.

We talked about St. Nicholas earlier today, although Eli does call him Mrs. Ticklas.  We talked about who he is a patron saint of, and Eli said “I’m the children” when we got to that part.  (I left out the part about prostitutes, maybe we’ll save that for next year).  Then I told him that we’d leave his shoes and his sisters shoes by their bedroom door, and maybe St. Nicholas would leave candy or presents in the shoes, and sometimes he leaves coins because in the olden days St. Nicholas would throw bags of coins in people’s windows.

When I was done with this fantastic history lesson, Eli stopped me and said “Is HE going to sneak in our house? And then break our windows?”  That’s when I suspected that the story of St. Nicholas had gotten away from me.

Anyway, here are the shoes.  If nothing else, this endeavor meant a trip into Sees for me, and I think we can agree that any activity that leads to Sees is a winner.




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  1. I love that you have a St. Nicholas tradition at your house – you’re the first American that I met that knows about this (mostly European) tradition. I love it!

  2. I meant to do this this year and totally forgot. Maybe next year!

  3. are you a David Sedaris fan? The essay Six To Eight Black Men discusses the history of Santa Claus in other cultures (including St. Nicholas–the former bishop of Turkey) and is one of the funniest things I have ever read.

    you can read it here:

  4. I also meant to do this and forgot. Whatever, they are two and zero. Next year it is.

  5. This post was laugh out loud funny, both in part to your writing and Eli’s Mrs. Ticklas/ breaking windows commentary. I can’t wait until Katie is chiming in appearing in the blog notes.

  6. What a fun tradition! Love Eli’s question about Santa breaking windows.

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