Christmas Menus

A’Dell beat me to it, dammit!

Santa Picnic:

We’re going to see Santa this Saturday, and I think since it’s at 11 and it’s outside, we’ll have a little picnic, which will consist of whatever looks delicious in the refrigerator case on Saturday morning at Trader Joe’s.


Last year we did No Knead Bread and Pear Jam as neighbor gifts, this year I think we’re going to make lemon bars and easy toffee bars.  There’s a metric ton of lemons on our lemon tree and I can get Erik to make the lemon bars which works out well for me because I don’t like non chocolate desserts anyway and I’m about as interested in baking them as I am in eating them.

Christmas Eve:  We’re going to do fondue for Christmas Eve with the fondue set that Erica sent me, because she is awesome.  I have three fondue recipes from Janssen but I’m thinking that the premade stuff at Trader Joe’s looks really really easy.  Anyone have any opinions on that stuff?  We’ll probably dip bread and veggies in the cheese fondue.  I’m having a hard time thinking of things to dip besides bread.  Then we’ll have chocolate fondue for dessert with fruit and marshmallows and graham crackers.  Dried pears sounds good.  Mostly I intend to eat champagne.

Christmas Morning:  We are going to stuff our faces with dim sum.  I am already excited.

Christmas Dinner: I am going to make a big vat of Riesling slushes, because pink and frothy just seems like Christmas to me.  I might have a few random appetizers (crab stuffed mushrooms and Union Square Cafe’s Bar Nuts, maybe?) sitting around for people to nibble on (and by people I mean me) and then I am going to make roast beef, salad, mashed potato gratin, maybe macaroni and cheese, maybe rolls.  (The frozen Rhodes Rolls?  Throw some butter on there and bake em up and they are the BOMB.) If they have a Buche de Noel this year at Trader Joe’s we’ll have that for dessert, otherwise we’ll probably just have whatever random frozen chocolate cake they always have.  At $6.99 it’s cheaper and more delicious than anything I can make at home.

Here’s my Christmas dinner Pinterest board, just in case you feel like having an emotional breakdown over the fact that no matter what you cook you don’t have floating ivory pillar candles hanging over your dining room table.




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  1. Our fondue night includes premade fondue (delish) and we dip crusty bread, broccoli, Granny Smith apples (tart is better) and summer sausage. D’s mom made a buche de Noel last year. It was good, but it was more fun watching her be horrified that I’d never even HEARD of the damned thing.

  2. I think you’ll find that cheese fondue is divine ALL BY ITSELF! You know, in case you run out if bread…

    Also, what time is Christmas dinner, cuz that all sounds fabulous!

  3. I think the Trader Joe’s premade one is entirely acceptable for the amount of pain-in-the-ass it saves. It’s actually pretty darn good.

  4. Sounds wonderful! Especially the part about eating mainly Champagne.

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