Swistle’s post on stockings was going to result in the leaving an eight paragraph comment, so I thought I’d just pontificate about stockings over here.

So the evolution of our Christmas is that I went from wrapping up EVERY SINGLE THING I COULD FIND and putting it under the Christmas tree to be opened on Christmas morning to attempting to spread this stuff out.  We open a few presents ahead of time in a treasure hunt, and then we open family presents on Christmas Eve, and then Santa brings a few large things on Christmas morning and he fills the stockings.

So whereas in years past I have gone and bought $100 worth of random crap and funneled it from my Target bag into the stockings and then into the junk drawer, now I put actual present type things into the stockings – just stuff I’ve picked up out and about but that doesn’t get wrapped up and put under the tree.

When Amy and I were shopping in Sur La Table the other day (or is it Le?  I can never remember, and quite frankly I don’t really care), and I was remarking on all the things Santa might put in MY stocking, she paused and said “Wait. Do you buy your OWN stocking presents!?”  (Apparently she cracked my very stealthy code.)

The answer is yes, I do buy most of my own stocking presents, and quite frankly, it really works out for the best that way. I get what I want, no one looks askance at me for buying myself fancy lip gloss two weeks before Christmas, and Mr. E doesn’t have to go fight his way around Cost Plus to buy a bunch of crap I don’t want anyway.



Anyway, here’s some of our stocking stuff this year:

For Me: pajama pants, some Tarte lip stuff,  a new bathmat (some of this stuff is just Things We Need and It Happens to Be December), a 2012 Sacramento Gardening Calendar (seriously, this thing is the BOMB), a wall mounted bottle opener because I’ve always wanted one in my kitchen, a little internet passwords notebook, a new peeler because ours is tres awful, new sewing needles, mints, film for my old school camera, a reusable bag that smooshes into a little strawberry, and hopefully Manda is making me a t shirt scarf and I will stuff that in there! (no pressure Manda!). I would normally add some fun jewelry but I haven’t found any I liked yet.

For Katie:  a little book, an Elmo doll, a flower headband crown thing, some diaper cream, a little hat and mittens from the Target dollar bins, a hello kitty necklace, a little airplane toy, some pajamas and some tights.

For Eli:  (this is where you will now begin to realize how spoiled this child is:) A Gertie ball, a hex bug, a giant peppermint lollipop, socks, paints, soap, math flashcards, underwear, a reusable water bottle, toothbrushes, matchbox cars, paintbrushes, pipe cleaners, and a solar flashlight.

For Mr. E: Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauce, a new long sleeved t shirt, a finch feeder (it’s really the stocking of SUCH A GIANT NERD), an itunes gift card, Aveda shampoo, razors and socks.

This is where I realize that Santa might not be bringing Mr. E quite enough things.  Anyone got any ideas?



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  1. YES. If he’s a GIANT NERD (as is my husband), ThinkGeek has TONS of great stocking stuffer type stuff. From caffeinated marshmellows to Japanese hand puzzles, I usually fill all three boys’ stockings with ThinkGeek stuff.

  2. I really want to buy my own stocking stuff, but my husband thinks that’s cheating. He thinks he’s good at it. One year he bought four bottles of Softsoap handsoap and filled my stocking with that. COME ON.

  3. Oh my gosh, the bag that squooshes into a little strawberry!! SO ADORABLE!!

  4. I always give my boyfriend pajama pants, boxers, gum, and candy for his stocking. This year he’s also getting some kitchen utensils and hotpads (we don’t live together and his kitchen is SAD), some cologne, and probably something else that I haven’t figured out yet. Oh, maybe some travel-size toiletries – the good kind that he would never buy for himself.

  5. I really need to do stockings. This year we bought Elizabeth some things to put into her stocking, but nothing for the rest of us. I just cannot get motivated to fill up stockings and I don’t even know WHY. I wish I could.

    • It only really works for me because I just buy this stuff anyway as gifts when I’m out and about and then I just don’t wrap it and I save it for the stockings. If I had to go shop just for stocking I don’t think I’d be very motivated either. I just have that kid that walks out of the room if he has to open a lot of presents so I need lots of strategies for breaking up the gift giving.

  6. :Eyes Widen: Why did I not think of Pipe Cleaners!?!?? Genius!! Soooo going in my kids stocking. Thank you!! And yep, I put in stuff that are gifts but I find myself way too lazy to wrap as well. It’s a great strategy and cuts down on the endless mound on junk in our house.

  7. Hello, isn’t he a lover of candy? How about a weird robotish cookie jar filled with haribo stuff. If he is like his brother, he would enjoy some expensive snooty socks, a can of illii coffee, a fuzzy lounging robe and some new music

  8. How in the heck do you fit all this stuff in a stocking? 🙂 A bathmat??

  9. Um, how big are your stockings? Because I think we need some stockings that are that big!

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