Advent Days: I Forget

Somewhere in there we went to see Santa.  Katie was not a fan, although Eli was fine with it.


I think it’s especially awesome that now if you ask Katie if she likes Santa or wants to see Santa, she looks right at you, shakes her head violently, and says “NOOOOOO. Santa NOOOOOO.”

I also like those hoochy elf girls who scooted themselves into every single picture. Nothing says Merry Christmas like Random Slutty Elf Number Two, am I right?


We had a dance party. I forgot to take pictures. It was your average dance party where a four year old plays Sunset Rubdown on his Fisher Price boom box.

We made home made marshmallows. It was ok. I find the texture somewhat repulsive, possible because I stopped watching the sugar mixture for two freaking seconds and it got four degrees too hot.   I also thought Eli would think that this marshmallow situation was REALLY fun, and so of course he really didn’t care about it at all, although he did drop the really expensive vanilla on the floor and crack the lid off.  Also, when the mixture was whipping he gagged and yelled out “THIS SMELLS AWFUL!” which it did, oddly.

Oh, we had a candy cane hunt! I was thinking about doing it at the park and inviting all the neighbor kids and having hot chocolate and cookies.  We did not do that. Maybe we’ll do that next year, but I had a vision of all the sketchy teenagers that hang out our park stealing all the candy canes.  They’d have to take a break from sucking face to do it, obviously,  but still I had a bad feeling about it and since “Have a throw down with a 14 year old” isn’t in the advent calendar…

Oh, whatever, that’s all a lie.  We just totally ran out of time.  So 15 minutes before bed time I hid candy canes all over the house and then Eli and Katie looked for them, and Eli LOVED it. He LOVED it.  There’s also still one candy cane missing somewhere which is sort of driving me insane.

Then we did a couple things that weren’t on the advent calendar, because we just live on the edge like that.

Eli went to Kings Fan Night with my next door neighbor.  He found it highly enjoyable, partially because he got to meet some of the players but also because he got to drink an entire root beer and poop in Arco Arena.

That’s such an awesome picture.

Erik and Eli went and picked oranges from a neighbors backyard.

Seriously,  I am boring even myself.  This advent hoodley hoo has let to the complete mommy-ization of this blog. Blargh.  Probably I am just a very boring person.  Oh well!

Were you aware that Carl’s Jr. has a hand scooped vanilla oreo cookie ice cream sandwich? Let’s put that shit in the advent calendar, stat.


4 Responses

  1. You crack me up. Or Eli and Katie do, what with his love of pooping the arena and her aversion to Santa.

    Mmm…that sandwich sounds delicious. I want to head to the southwestern US just to procure one. Of course, I could just make it myself, but where’s the fun in that?

  2. Elizabeth was that afraid of Santa last year. And I used to use it to get her to do all sorts of things. “We’d better get in your car seat now, to be safe from Santa!” I said that in JULY.

    Those slutty elves really make the picture awesome.

  3. Is that…Gandalf dressed up as Santa?

  4. What IS with those slutty elves? I mean, are they there to entertain the dads? (Ew.) Are they there to… assist Santa? (Double ew.) Are they there for any teenage boys who wait in line to see Santa? (Weird.)

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