House To Do 2012

Every year I like to type this list up. I don’t know that I’ve ever finished it, but it’s good to get it all out there. A girl can dream, right?

Also, those links are the only previous year I can find, even though I know I’ve done this a million times. Whatever.

Here’s our Big Terrible House List for 2012:

(And how exciting that “Refinish the hardwood floors” is not on there anymore!)

1. Install shoe base in the whole house.

2. Prime and paint the baseboards.

3. Paint all the inside trim.

4. Repaint and poly the kitchen cabinets. (They should have been poly’ed the first time and now they’re all dinged up.)

5. Buy a new TV

6. Buy a living room rug.

7. Buy a bedroom rug.

8. Fix the backyard.

9. Install the ceiling medallion in the dining room and the entryway.

10. Install the green light fixture in the kids room.

11. Finish decorating the kids room.

12. Patch the entryway floor.

13. Figure out the stair thresh hold.

14. Fix the front window and add a window sill and trim.

15. Replace the non matching kitchen floor section.

16. Install thresh holds all over the house. (kitchen to dining room, back door, and entryway).

17. Get a new doorknob for our bedroom.

18. Replace the front door and the front screen door. (I’ve been waiting three years for this! Is this my year?!)

19. Paint the bookshelf in the living room.

20.  Buy a new white slipcover for the IKEA chair.

21.  Frame my mandarin festival poster.

22. Buy casters for my desk, and try moving it into the bedroom again.

23. Buy that kitchen print I like and put it in the kitchen.

24. Replace the kitchen counters on one side with IKEA butcher block.

25. Refinish the electric chair or buy a new living room chair.

26. Have the refrigerator plumbed so we can use the ice maker.

27. Add a drawer pull out to one more kitchen cabinet.

28. Buy a new duvet cover for our bedroom.

29. Buy a composter for the backyard.

30. Take off the butt ugly down spout by the roses and replace it with a rain chain.

31. Remove the ugly edging next to the roses and replace it with something, remulch the front and the side by the roses.

32. Buy an olive tree and plant it in my giant pot.

33. Fix all the lattice work that is falling apart.

34. Figure out what to do with that stupid palm tree.

35. Buy a potting table.

36. Put shutters on the front of the house.

Won’t happen but would love to do:

37. Tile the front steps

38. Get new counters and a subway tile backsplash

39. Put the windows back in the living room.

40. Raise the kitchen cabinets and add crown molding.

Whew.  I am sure I will accomplish all this in no time.

Ok, now everyone go make lists of their own! For some reason these are one of my favorite things to read at this time of year.

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  1. My list is pretty short: Get rid of at least half of our crap. All the stuff is annoying the hell out of me and it’s EVERYWHERE. I’ll probably make a list, but it will just be a list of rooms/areas/types of stuff (get rid of clothes, go through books, clear off kitchen counter a billion times, etc.)

  2. Well, I’m a renter so there’s not a lot of kitchen remodeling or putting on baseboards that I can do. But! I still have a list. 🙂

    1. Paint & get new knobs for my sewing desk.
    2. Paint & get new knobs for my hutch/sideboard thingy.
    3. Buy the lampshades I like for my pineapple lamps.
    4. Get leg of dining room table repaired that got killed in the move.
    5. Recover dining room chairs.
    6. Organize my fabric/craft/office area so that it’s usable and pretty.
    7. Sew some stuff, for crying out loud.
    8. Recover the two orange velvet side chairs that I’ve had for like 10 years already.
    9. Find end tables for living room on craigslist & repaint them.
    10. Buy a new mattress/box-springs & figure out how to attach the full-size headboard/footboard to a queen-size bed.

  3. I have a list! I posted it last month though: And darn it, when I looked at it just now, I have barely done anything on it so far. But I posted it one day before Official Christmas Activities began, so I suppose that is okay.

  4. Oh man – we have a lot of similar items! On our short list are:
    1. Figure out how to use a mitre saw and measure and create moulding for the dining room.
    2. Paint the dining room and kitchen
    3. Hire someone to paint the super tall wall in the living room
    4. Spray the outer chimney to get rid of the moss growing on it.
    5. Repair the aluminum dryer pipe thing in the basement so that dryer fluff doesn’t keep getting in the basement.
    6. Reorganize the storage in the basement so it doesn’t make me crazy.
    7. Replace the latticework under the back porch.
    8. Figure out the most cost effective way to replace all the ugly gold door handles/hinges/etc throughout the house
    9. Replace the hideous fan in the master
    10. Figure out how to place the furniture in the dining room so it looks normal (move the buffet to the family room? buy a taller, thinner storage hutch for the dining room? Get a new, round table?)
    11. Buy dining room chairs for whatever table we decide on
    12. Refinish the kitchen table so it looks okay with the cabinetry
    13. Paint the bare wood cabinet in the kitchen white
    14. Plan a garden and learn how to tend it
    15. Figure out what to do about the hideous fireplace.

    Ugh. It’s exciting and daunting all at once!

  5. I have been debating doing a list like this, but we might be moving in the next few months (please, please let us be moving out of the rat house) and so it seems silly to decorate a place I’m leaving. Maybe I’ll do a tally of what I’ve done over the last year? I also really want to get rid of half our crap, even though I have been procrastinating on actually doing the purging.

  6. […] taking a cue from Princess Nebraska and creating a to do list for all of the house stuff I want (us) to tackle this […]

  7. Great inspiration. I just posted a house list on my blog. It’s somewhat overwhelming to see it all there at once.

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