Christmas Decor 2011

It’s taken me until just about now to be satisfied with the amount of Christmas decorations that we have up in the house, and I’d say I’ve been buying and making them for about ten years.  Every year I buy one expensiveish thing to supplement all the handmade stuff, although I don’t know if I bought anything that fancy this year.

Next year I’d like to get some red lanterns for the front steps and a Christmas duvet, because I am just that brand of crazy. If you can’t sleep under a holiday duvet in December, when can you?

This is not all of our Christmas decorations, just the notable ones. It’s actually kind of interesting when you think about it.  The areas in my house that I like and that feel “finished” to me felt very natural to add a few Christmas items to.  The areas I am not so thrilled about are still problems.

I was supposed to write this post for Maggie, about how to decorate on the cheap, about three weeks ago.  Bookmark this one for next year, Mags!

I found these two fancy metal frames at a garage sale this summer, spray painted them white, and then couldn’t figure out what to do with them until I decided to make them into Christmas chalkboards.  The inner section is just cardboard from a gift box spray painted black. I traced the shape of the frames and cut out the cardboard and then taped it into the frame.  I think I’ll change this out depending on the holiday, it’s chalk marker, so I should just be able to wipe it off and write “Happy New Year’s!” on there in a week.


I don’t decorate our bedroom that much but the vases that normally hold flowers get filled with candy canes.


This is the bathroom, it’s just some left over greenery from a bouquet that’s long since been tossed and a bird candle from the dollar section at Target.


This is so hard to take a picture of, but this wreath over the mirror in the living room is amazing. It’s my favorite thing this year. I’ve had the wreath forever but this is the first year I put it on this mirror and it’s fabulous.  This is its rightful home.


Normally I have all kinds of junk all over the mantel but this I went really simple. It looks boring in pictures, but it’s just what I wanted in person.

I buy myself a new nativity scene every year.  I eyed this one for two months in the dollar bins at Target. It’s ridiculous, but I’m absolutely crazy about it.



I made that pillow last year, it continues to be one of my favorite things I’ve ever made.


I’ve always had innapropriate feelings about my peppermint garland.  The ornament hanging in the middle (a gift last year from my step sister) totally makes it.


This is my beloved Williams Sonoma red felt table runner and an IKEA tray that I keep spray painting different colors.  Filled with some cheap peppermint candy balls. Balls. Heh.


We have a lot of oranges.


I stole those red berries from someone’s front yard.  And I swapped out the regular tea lights in the candle holder for red ones.


One year at Walgreens I bought about eight red pillar candles and I save them in the Christmas box, and I swap them out for the ivory pillar candles that are in holders the rest of the year.


Our thrift store is a little picked over right now but in November they have SO MANY Christmas decorations.  I got this wooden sign for $2.95.


I don’t do a lot of decorating in the kitchen but these handmade marshmallows (in a jar from Target) are super pretty.


Just for Jonna, in my spare time I embroidered names on a few special packages. Heh. Packages.


I finally made the magazine trees that I read about on Style Lush.  They are super fantastic.  Glitter makes me happy.

Those lemons are from our yard. I dug the bowl out of a pile of junk at a garage sale for $1.


I’m in love with my front porch this year.

This adirondack chair gets moved under the porch for the winter. That adorable pillow was a gift from A’Dell.  The birch branches I found on the street and loaded into the trunk of my car.  Eventually I want to turn them into something (a table?) but for now, I think they look so nice next to that red chair!

I made the garland from the section we cut off the bottom of the Christmas tree, and then I ordered the  Happy Holidays letters from Amazon.  They’re just glittered cardboard and I think they cost of all $5 but I love it.


I really hope next year we’re not looking at that hideous metal screen door.

And that we have a Christmas door mat.

E dog out!


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  1. the house looks just the right amount of merry. Love that fabulous glittery wreath!

  2. Alright, well! I am packing a bag and moving in with you till Christmas is over. This is just too, too perfect! My ornaments in hurricanes look like child’s play!

  3. I absolutely love your house all decorated for Christmas. I think next year I will have to fly you here for a consultation.

  4. I’m exhausted looking at all that! We have a wreath on our balcony. That is it. We didn’t even put up a tree this year (sob!). But your house is absolutely lovely!

  5. I love your decorations! Gorgeous.

  6. Wow. I’d love to have you decorate my house. All we have is a wreath on the door and a tree.

  7. Your decorations are gorgeous!

  8. I heart the lemon bowl grouping.

  9. Okay, I did it. I went and took pictures of my decor with added strategy to avoid all the crap that is all over my house and pretend it’s not a disaster zone.

    All for you!

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  11. I love you. Merry Christmas!

  12. Beautiful! Well done!

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