2012 Resolutions

I get the vibe that people aren’t that fond of New Year’s Resolutions? Whatever, I love them, and we all know it’s my vote that counts, so here are mine:

1. Get Eli into Kindergarten.  This is more complicated than one might imagine, but whatever, let’s do this thing.

2. Fix the backyard so it doesn’t stress me out.  (We’ve discussed this, obvs.)

3. Figure out how to use my camera. I have a fancy ish camera, and I’ve never cared about any of the settings until right now, so I think I’m finally ready to figure out how to use it.

4. My “House To Do List.”

5. And this is the big one – I would really really like to be proud of how I look in next year’s Christmas card picture.  I am really really tired of being worried about how my jeans fit.  I have thousands of dollars of clothes I want to be able to wear again.  I feel better when I am eating healthy food and exercising on a regular basis and I am just plain not ready to give up this fight.  So I really really really need to lose some weight.  I just can’t go on like this anymore.

So I am rejoining Weight Watchers, because it’s worked for me in the past.  I am going to make time for exercise, again, although it means that almost nothing else gets done in my day.  Although I can run the kids in the jogging stroller twice a week, to preschool.  That takes care of Tuesday and Thursday. I can run on the treadmill a few other times a week.  I’m thinking of buying a recumbent bike that I can put under my bed so that I can read or watch movies and ride a bike at night, because how awesome does that sound?  But I have no idea if that’s a terrible idea.  Does anyone have an opinion about this?

I make a meal plan every week, and then I go to the grocery store, but toward the end of the month the meal plan is full of really fattening things like pizza and spaghetti because our grocery budget has been spent on hookers and blow.  I’m going to add $200 bucks to the grocery budget.  There’s nothing more important to my weight loss than having tons of readily available fruits and veggies in the house and at this point I would GLADLY pay $200 to wear a size eight so I am going to put my money where my mouth is.  Literally.

You will also please note that I have been writing said meal plan out, on paper, for years. YEARS. And it has only just NOW occurred to me that I should save it.  I could save it! And look back on all the ideas of all the things I’ve eaten before instead of having to come up with ideas for low fat dinners and healthy lunches over and over and over again.  Wow.  Sometimes I wonder what else I’m just…not thinking of.

Anyway, I am having such a hard time getting motivated to do this weight loss thing for more than three days at a time, but I am hoping that if I keep going to the grocery store and buying veggie trays and raspberries and delicious overpriced yogurt that it will help keep me on track.  I think available fun delicious healthy food is going to be the key.  I’d love NOT to spend a shocking amount of money on groceries, but that’s not…getting it done right now.

Up for Consideration:

6. Run another half marathon.  Damn, this is a lot of work. It really is.  And it’s SUCH a huge time commitment.  But I once ran a 2:08 half marathon and I’d love to get that to under 2 hours, some day. I am not sure if this is the year, but I am thinking about it.

7.  The book thing.  So I’m squeaking in under the wire but I think I’ll make my goal to read 180 books this year, and I’m not sure how I feel about repeating that next year.  On one hand, I spent A LOT of time reading.  I ignore my husband to read.  I don’t watch movies to read.  I don’t listen to music. I have a subscription the Sunday New York Times, but I don’t read it, because it “doesn’t count.”  I never read the New Yorker anymore, even though I love the New Yorker, because I can’t put it on the list.  And I read some really bad books that I had no interest in reading just so I could add to them to my growing number of things I’d read. That’s pretty stupid.  On the other hand, I read 180 books last year.  I’m pretty proud of that.  So I’m not sure about that one.



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  1. These are wonderful goals for the new year 🙂 (I snort laughed at the grocery budget being spent on hookers and blow. haaaa) Weight Watchers is wonderful, I’ve used it twice to lose the after-baby weight. Good luck with all of it!!!!

  2. We could trade sitting on our respective couches for walks and E & A can watch the kiddos. I’m with you on this whole weight loss business, friend. We can do it.

    • yes! Any time you want to come over here when I have Erik and Andrew to watch the kiddos I’ll go for a walk/run/tennis playing with you. E

  3. You should put your meal planning calendar on Google and share it with me! And you can see mine! (And a bunch of other people’s but no one updates anymore except me and my IRL friend Heather.) Email me if you want in.

  4. i know we’ve only met once before, but i’m also looking for someone to walk with in sacramento during the day. i’m home with my 1 year old, so let me know if you’d like to join forces.

  5. Those look like great goals to me! Best of luck with the weight loss, I’m sure you’ll rock it.

  6. I like your goals and, yes, write those menus down. Take a photo and upload them and let us all see. We all need kitchen motivation and I’d love to see what you’re making. (It really is diet, diet, exercise, in that order, as Bob Harper says.)

    Also, the best way to learn about fancy cameras is to find one person who knows what they’re doing and have them spend an hour showing you. More valuable than all the online tutorials I’ve found.

  7. I try to read about 75 books a year, which is paltry, I know, but I purposely try not to read MORE because I would like to do other things, like sew and paint and draw and run, and honestly, if I let myself, I would just read instead, because I like nothing more. (But I am also kind of a slow reader.) And also, this way if a book is terrible, I immediately put it down because I don’t have time to waste, which I like very much. I have saved myself from a lot of stinkers this way, which is REALLY important for slow readers.

  8. We do our menu planning on google calendar. If a recipe is particularly successful, I drag it to some random day a few months later. It helps me remember recipes. In the calendar entry I include a link to the recipe or the name of the recipe book. It’s worked really well. We also upped our budget and joined a CSA where you can choose your fruits and veggies!

  9. Great list and a general you can do it! I hear ya on the weight one. For a while I wondered if I was too vain, but no, it just feels better to not have ill fitting clothes and blood sludge from lack of exercise. Shocker.

  10. I think the people who don’t like resolutions are the people who don’t keep them. But I do mine, so I like them. Two years ago, I made Mid Year’s Resolutions because I finished my New Year’s ones already.

    Our meal plan is a 31 day plan. So we (technically) have the same thing every month on the 1st. (And the 2nd and the 3rd…) I have it on magnets and I have a two week magnetic calendar and I stick each magnet on the appropriate day. I only meal plan during the week, since we tend to eat out a lot on the weekends, so we don’t actually end up repeating meals that often. It is a pretty good system. I am going to make some tweaks to it this year (it is on my giant to-do list) but I like the 31 day plan a lot.

    I should really add the camera one to my list too. I just use the automatic shooting function. I also want to learn to edit photos.

  11. After manymanymanymany years of being unable to stick to any kind of a work out plan, and being VERY tired of weighing more than when I weaned the baby 18 months ago, I started on the Couch to 5K program the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

    Now, I am REALLY loving this thing (which is a shock bc I have always hated running), but the key, for me, is to go at 6 AM. I have never, ever thought I’d be a morning workout person. But for YEARS I have been avoiding working out because it doesn’t fit in my schedule, I’ve got the kids all day, I can’t spend 2 hours driving to the gym, working out, and showering, blah blah blah. So now 4 days a week I get up at 5:45, I’m out the door by six, back home and in the shower by 6:40. I go about the rest of my day and it’s FINISHED for the day. It is absolutely FANTASTIC for me.

    Anyway. Early morning workouts may not be your cup of tea. But a little bit of empathy…it is HARD to stick to a weightloss/workout plan. So hang in there!

  12. I love New Year’s Resolutions! I think they are so hopeful and positive, like you are getting a fresh start and anything is possible. I really identify with your book one: it made me laugh as I feel the same way a lot of the time!

  13. I think your list is going to be my first inspiration for the year. I am in the same place with the weight thing…It has GOT to change, and it isn’t going to happen until I make up my mind to do something about it.

    I am also in the same place with the book thing. I read 50 this year, but that was a big step up from the amount of reading I did in the two years since my twins were born. I am proud that I accomplished that goal from last year, but the counting of the books felt a little off to me as well. Though I did enjoy reading actual books instead of trash magazines. Still, I am undecided about increasing my goal for next year.

  14. Get after it, girl! Awesome goals! Let me know what I can do to support you.

    • Apparently I don’t know how to comment properly. With, like, my name. Maybe I should add PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL on my 2012 goals 🙂

  15. These sound like great resolutions to me! I always feel a little weird doing resolutions when I’m coming into the new year pregnant because I’m like- yes! Lose weight! You know, in April or sometime after this baby is born. Spend 6 months remembering how much it sucks to be sleep deprived- is that a resolution or an unavoidable punishment?

  16. I think the half marathon would be a good thing cause it gives you something to be accountable towards in your daily work-outs. Also, I am always amazed at what a huge chunk of our budget goes to hookers and blow-they are really pricy. Maybe its because we live in an urban area-everything is more expensive in the city I guess.

  17. Girrrrl, I feel you on the running. I haven’t done a bit of it since leaving CA in July and I (somewhat stupidly) signed up for a full this April and am wondering how on Earth I’m going to pull that off as 4 miles is currently exhausting me!

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