We Don’t Take Turns

I’m sure you all you parents out there in blog land know the drill by now – you produce a few wee ones and the glorious glorious days of sleeping until 11 AM come to an abrupt and screeching halt.  As fun as it is to stagger out of bed before first light and immediately change a poopy diaper and fend off a four year old clinging to your leg and screaming “CAN I PLAY WITH MY REMOTE CONTROL HELICOPTER RIGHT NOW”, most people, most couples, they alternate this delightful experience, and dad gets to sleep in Saturday morning and mom gets to sleep in Sunday morning, and life goes on, sleep deprived as it may be.

And here is where I have to tell you my very guilty little secret, internet.  I have to admit something to you, and when I admit this thing, you will realize I am married to the very best person the world has ever known.


Yep.  It’s true.  Sometimes I wake up anyway and there have been a few days when Mr. E was so tired that I did the best I could with my limited resources at 5:45 AM, but for the most part, for the past five years, my husband has gotten up with my kids at whatever time they have woken up so that I could sleep in, and yes it’s partially because he wakes up early anyway the rest of the week and yes it’s partially because I need sleep like some kind of jonesing addict and yes it’s partially because my kids want to be with him more than they want to be with me and they’re kind of impossible if he’s home but unavailable to them, but mostly it’s because he’s a much much much better person than I am.

And please note – he almost never cleans the bathroom.  I do all the grocery shopping.  I cook dinner every night.  He leaves trash all over the backyard, he never cleans anything up all the way, he flaps the blankets at night after I have already warmed up my sleeping space, and he pinches closed the hooks when he hangs up the ornaments on the Christmas tree.  He is not a perfect human being. But damn, is he a good one.

Happy Birthday, Mr. E.  You’re the very best person I have ever known. I consider myself profoundly lucky to be having this crazy adventure with you.  There’s no one else I’d rather sleep late with, or get up early with.  Or you know, not take turns with.  Thanks for being so very awesome.



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  1. After yesterday’s tweet about the ornament hooks, it’s good to see this post. Happy Birthday to your hubs. Sounds like you have a keeper.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. E! I hope it’s filled with candy.

  3. We don’t take turns either. We both have things that we do and there is almost no overlap. I like it this way. I think it is easier. Clear expectations.

    Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mr. E!

  5. For some reason, I find this so very sweet – the whole post, from the admission to the list of your husband’s (endearingly irritating) quirks.

    Happy birthday to him!

  6. Happy Birthday, Mr. E!

    My husband gets up with the kids every weekend day, too. Except it’s not so much ‘getting up with the kids’ as it is ‘getting up BEFORE the kids’. He’s genetically incapable of sleeping in. Ever. Luckily I make up for him.

  7. Happy Birthday Mr. E!

    My husband does the same–he is a morning person. Maybe once every six months he sleeps in. Usually the two year old goes to him and yells in his face “YOU WAKE UP AND GET ME A BABA MILK NOW.” (Its nice that she knows who is more likely to do it.)

  8. We don’t take turns either. I am on baby duty at night, and he gets up with her on the weekends (which is still sleeping in compared to his 5:30 workday wakeup) because he’s physically incapable of sleeping past 8 am unless he’s sick.

    Happy birthday to Mr. E!

  9. Happy birthday, Mr. E! You are a mighty fine gentleman!

    P.S. We don’t take turns either. I, umm, sleep in a lot. And…this is where I’m a real asshole…Since his new job requires him to not be at work so early, Chris has been bringing me coffee in bed. It’s glorious.

  10. Super belated, but happy birthday to Mr. E!

  11. What a great post! Love it, and my dear, you are not alone. We should start a support group for all us wives whose husbands flap the blankets at night letting in the FREEZING COLD DRAFT to my warm little sleeping spot.

  12. Oh our men. They make us crazy and then they go and fix it. Balance in the universe is great. As is a good man.
    Happy Birthday to Mr. E!

  13. Happy birthday to Mr. E! I always love hearing about him on your blog.

  14. Awww… happy birthday to him. And lucky you!

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