What’s For Dinner (This Week)

1. turkey kefta and grilled minted zucchini

2. greek chicken pitas

3. thai green curry coconut shrimp (with brown rice)

4. spinach stuffed shells (also making for the neighbors who just had a baby).

5. chicken breasts, roasted sunchokes, spinach salad (from my garden, woo hoo!)

6. corn and bacon chowder

7. onion pizza with ricotta and chard

8. swiss chard and goat cheese pappardelle (but not with goat cheese)



4 Responses

  1. Nice! I just wrote my menu for this week for tomorrow’s post 🙂 I might need spinach stuffed shells for the following week’s menu. And the pizza. and the pappardelle (with goat cheese, yum).

  2. Hooray for meal planning! How do you do your Greek chicken pitas? That sounds delicious!

  3. YUM! I definitely want to try the green curry and the chard/onion/ricotta pizza.

  4. Do you… actually cook all that? Yourself? Gosh my standards have slipped so low. I was seriously in awe reading that list. I’m just proud if we’re all eating the same thing at the same general time, these last few months. BONUS points if I was involved in the preparation or shopping in any way.

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