House Tour: Bedroom

I think my bedroom is my favorite room in my whole house.

All the other bedrooms we’ve ever had were fairly terrible.  We pretty much would just throw whatever left over furniture we’d had lying around in there and call it good.  I guess because I felt like it mattered less, since no one else was going to see it?  Pretty sure I’m not no one, though, and I see it about a hundred times a day, so when we moved into this house,  decided we weren’t going to do that anymore. I wanted a nice bedroom. So we got rid of EVERYTHING.  No more college bookshelf that had been handed down three times. No more Eddie Bauer duvet cover I’d had since I was 16.  We started from scratch.

It took a long time and a few false starts but I absolutely love my bedroom now.  I feel a sense of peace every time I am in there.  It’s a tiny room but every bit of it is just how I wanted it.  I was actually thinking about this a lot because of my post the other day about my living room.  Everyone had a lot to say about my living room! It made me realize that a lot of the things I do in my house, other people might not like.  HGTV will probably not want to film my bedroom.  I am breaking about 7,000 rules.  I do not have throw pillows on my bed.  Not everyone is going to want a tree branch hanging from their ceiling.  And that’s ok! Because I love my room and I’m the one that sleeps in it every night, so really, that’s all that matters.  I do love reading home design blogs and nothing thrills me more than when people say they love my house, but sometimes it’s ok to break the rules and just do what makes you happy.

I actually had a very distinct picture in my head of what I wanted my bedroom to look like.  Lots of gray and silver (and now I think I’d like some red and pinks although at the time I picked bedding I wanted green) and white.  I wanted it to look JUST LIKE the mom’s bedroom in The Family Stone, in fact, and I’ve had that image in my head for three years now, because that bedroom was the epitome of the perfect bedroom in my head.
Except I looked it up the other day, for the first time, and this is what it looked like in the movie, according to the internet.

Huh.  That is SO NOT the room I’ve been copying in my head, so I have no idea what room in what movie I have been thinking of all this time.   All I know is that I think Diane Keaton sleeps in it.


My bedroom is aproximately 11 x 11.  It’s tiny, but honestly, I don’t mind.  I’d rather have a tiny bedroom and more room in my kitchen and my dining room and my living room.  However, this means that there’s only room for a dresser, a bed, and bench, and that’s about it.  No chairs or reading corners or any of that business, but it makes it much easier to decorate, actually.  I don’t have to wonder how to fill walls.

I knew I wanted a big old dresser and I knew I wanted a nightstand and that I needed a wall mounted lamp because I don’t even have room for a lamp to sit on a side table.

I think the lamp might have been the first thing I bought for this room. It’s from Pottery Barn, via Ebay. It’s one of my favorite things. Totally worth the splurge.

What to do for a headboard when a headboard would cover the window was an interesting question.  I also really didn’t want something to land on my head if we ever had an earthquake.  I had saved this italian bird calendar that my mother brought home from Italy and I trimmed the pictures and clipped them to some twine.  This is another one of my favorite things. And it cost me nothing, so that was a bonus.

The curtains are from Pottery Barn, they were a gift.  I adore them.  I’d buy them a hundred times over.

I bought the nightstand at a garage sale for $5 and spray painted it black and threw a new knob on it.

Mr. E and I went ten rounds over this IKEA dresser.  He did not want a giant white IKEA dresser.  Probably still doesn’t.  I think it’s great though, and it’s very sturdy and it was cheap as hell for a giant white dresser. And it can double as a changing table if you need it to.

I swapped out the IKEA knobs for these faucet handles.  No one likes these but me.  I adore them.

My mother’s basement in Vermont is basically a Williams-Sonoma franchise. Every time I go to visit I like to go down there and see if there’s anything I can con her into giving me.  That’s where I got the mustard jar.  She brought it home from France, and she’d like you to know that if you take it back to the mustard store they will fill it for you.  With mustard.

I bought that print sitting on the dresser when I was TOTALLY not supposed to be buying things.  I probably paid for it on some credit card with a terrible interest rate.  AND I DO NOT CARE I LOVE IT SO MUCH.  It’s  a newspaper clipping that has had all the other words blacked out to read “Yes, we’re sinking.  But the music is exceptional.”


I did indeed hang a tree branch from my ceiling.  I found it on the street and I made my husband hang it for me. No one gets it. No one likes it. I love it.

We used to have a giant photograph framed over the dresser and I loved the picture, but something always felt…off.  I could never put my finger on what it was, but then my neighbor was getting rid of her old dresser and had the mirror from the set and asked if I wanted it. I almost said no, but the shape was great, and I couldn’t turn it down.  I sanded off all the old finish and took down the picture and stuck this mirror on the dresser and shebang, it was just what the room needed.  Mr. E told me that it looked like a $400 mirror.  That’s  basically the highest home decorating praise the man can give, so I felt quite pleased with myself and my mirror.

It’s hard to get a picture of but you can see the infamous wax paper chandelier in the mirror.  When I first hung it up, I was a little unsure.  Now I’m just crazy about the darn thing. It’s so fluffy and soft and pretty and girly.  Love it.

Like I said, I don’t really do extra pillows or bolsters or shams or any of that stuff. I do make my bed every day.  And I have two different duvet covers, both from Pottery Barn, and a $50 down comforter from IKEA.  Although the comforter was a bargain, I splurged on the other bedding and every time I climb in bed, I get happy.  I swear I do.  Something about the big puffy comforter and the cottony duvet cover and the soft sheets just makes me feel contented.

I bought this chest bench thing on Craiglist and painted it white and threw some black knobs on it.  It’s very useful for holding all kinds of crap or for putting on your shoes.  The little wood and wire box had chocolate easter bunnies in it. It was too cool to throw out.  Mr. E hates it. I love it.  I just love it.

I bought the bird painting on Etsy, and the pillow is from Pottery Barn.

There’s the mirror from the living room! It looks really nice in this room, actually, even if it is  shoved behind the door.

I replaced all the shiny gold doorknobs in the house one doorknob at a time, with oil rubbed bronze doorknobs.  I tried spray painting the ones we had, but honestly it didn’t work that well. I am a big fan of spray paint but in this instance I’d just  buy the $12 doorknobs a few at a time and replace them when you can.

The pictures do not do it justice, but this room is just so bright and light and peaceful.  Someday I want to add a nice white shag rug half under the bed so when I get out in the morning my toes feel happy, but other than that, I’m about as happy as  I can be with this room.  And I am super thrilled that it is no longer tan.



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  1. I love your bedroom. LOVE. I think my favorite part is the faucet handles on the Ikea dresser. Brilliant. Also, sadly, my bedroom is smaller than yours (a bench! you lucky woman, you!) but you have given me some ideas of what to do since my bedroom is drab city. My whole house is, because I am too lazy to do anything about it. But I have made a resolution to at least TRY this year. Seeing these photos might be the push I need.

  2. I love your bedroom! And I’m jealous of those great big windows and your great views.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I like how bright and airy it is.

  4. I love it … party because it’s light and airy and whimsical, mostly because you so obviously adore it. People respond to positive vibes.

  5. Someday I must see your house in person.

  6. Wow, you really made that little box of a room sing. I think its so important that when you have a small space that every single item in it is either being used or being loved. There’s no room for “stuff” just perfect, well though out things. Reading about your space made me love it even more than I did by looking at the pictures. I ADORE the branch. I have one in my garage and everytime I see it, (daily) I think of yours and wonder if I’ll ever be as brave or as inventive. I love your style so, so much!

  7. Nobody in my family gets the globes I have in my kitchen, or the vintage classroom map. But, I love them. I completely understand doing things that speak to you; nobody else is in that bedroom (except your husband!), so who cares if they like it! Enjoy.

  8. I LOVE THE BRANCH. Seriously, love.

  9. I’m so glad you shared your bedroom, it’s lovely and I’m inspired to get on with finishing up our room and replacing the mismatched doorknobs that are everywhere!

  10. This is so inspiring to me… right now our bedroom is doubling as an office while we’re renting and I. HATE. IT. I hate the bedding and pretty much everything about the room, but this is inspiring me to make some small changes. Even if it’s just fantastic bedding because the whole bedroom/office thing is unavoidable at the moment.

    I love everything about the dresser, even/especially the faucet knobs. And the ‘E’ and the mirror… just everything. You have fantastic style.

  11. I love the airiness and the view onto the yard! I love everything about this room… except the branch. I don’t get it! But I’m glad it brings you joy- our bedrooms should do that. Ahhh, now I want to go home and get cozy under the covers with a book and a cup of chocolate.

  12. My bedroom is tan. I hate it.

  13. I really love this room. I love all of the light, and the view into the backyard. I’m particularly envious of the lack of throw pillows on your bed.

  14. I love when you post the house tour! This is a lovely room. Agreed that the curtains are fabulous. As is the music print, and the mirror, and the faucet handles, and the E. (Was that the E from the kid’s room that didn’t have a home?)

    I am on my third house with my bed having to be placed under an off-center window. Drives me nuts. My headboards have been the open variety, and/or very low. (First one was a traditional brass headboard, then the low cut-out west elm headboard I hated, and now the fleur di lis that I don’t think I like after all but am stuck with for a while.) I like your bird solution. Beautiful room!

  15. It looks terrific. Maybe you’re thinking of Diane Keaton’s bedroom in “Something’s Gotta Give?”.

  16. I love those things in my house that other people look at and just don’t get, but they make me happy as all get out! Your bedroom looks awesome and cozy and perfect for napping 🙂


    Seriously. I want to hire you to make our room look half as lovely. Or, okay, twist my arm, JUST AS LOVELY.

  18. We have the gold doorknobs problem ALL THROUGH our house. This gives me hope that there is a WAY OUT.

    I love how bright and airy your room is, and that you have chosen every single item with love and care. I think my favorite part is the bird calendar headboard. And the chandelier. Lovely!

  19. Love the room! I have that dresser as well – I love the Ikea line that it comes from.

    (This is my first time de-lurking – I really enjoy your blog!)

  20. I know this post isn’t that recent, but what is the name and brand of the paint colour?

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