I Am Resisting the Urge To Tell Everyone I Signed Her Up For Baby Fight Club

So I really need to tell you all about Eli’s 5th birthday party, complete with requisite rant about the lack of orange paper plates for sale in our local Target, and I have lots of books I’ve liked a lot lately that I want to write all about and a few excellent recipes that I’ve made that you should be making and also someone around here who once WEIGHED five pounds went and turned five years OLD, and we have a kindergarten assessment coming up (light candles Maggie Cheung! ALL THE CANDLES!) and we all had the norovirus and lived to tell the tale but just barely but telling you about all of that is, I am afraid, on the back burner because it turns out that mah baby is super! duper! allergic to amoxicillin.

This is what Katie Dubs looked like when she woke up this morning:

at which point I promptly took her back into the doctor AGAIN, making a grand total of six visits in two weeks.

That waiting room is starting to seem awfully familiar, is what I am saying, and also I will be spending the rest of my weekend staring at my child second guessing “respiratory distress” and what it looks like.





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  1. Oh, the poor thing!

    If you wanted to be less direct, you could just shrug and say, “Turns out she’s not as good at Baby Fight Club as I thought she’d be…”

  2. Poor little one.

  3. YIKES. We just found out Edward is allergic to it too. Luckily it was his legs that looked like he’d joined baby fight club; his face just looked like he’d joined baby clown club.

  4. Holy cannoli. Hope she feels better soon.

  5. Poor baby! Poor K Dubs, too. Good luck this weekend.

  6. Awwww, poor Little K! That looks so painful =(

  7. Oh, poor baby. I hope she feels better.

    When we first moved here and Elizabeth was about eighteen months old, she fell off a table and busted open her lip and ran into a corner. In two days. She had a shirt that said “crib fighter” that Matt brought her from a UFC fight, so I just dressed her in that and went with it.

  8. Poor baby!!!! I hope she feels better soon! And I totally love the “Baby Fight Club” line. You should use it. I’d laugh. 🙂

  9. Oh your poor sweet baby!! I hope today finds her feeling MUCH better!

  10. Poor girl! She does look like she’s been in some sort of baby brawl.

  11. OH MY WORD. That is horrible.

  12. That is just awful! Hope she feels better very soon.

  13. HOLY MOLY. that is one pathetically puffy baby 😦

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