Meal Plan for the Week

I suppose I am going to have to go to the grocery store.  This can only be accomplished with two children by extreme ignorance.  You have to wait just long enough from the last time you did it so that you can’t remember how absolutely terrible it was.  That time period is about six weeks, at least for me.

But seriously, I think I’m a little depressed. Mr. E and I have reached this point where all of a sudden, it’s HORRIBLE to take these children anywhere. Absolutely horrible.  For the longest time we’d go out to eat at our favorite mexican restaurant or have a last minute craving for Chinese and it was no big deal.  And then in the last month or so, Katie Dubs has just turned into this blond TORNADO.  We can’t get anything done, we can’t go anywhere, it’s a complete disaster.

So why not take her to Trader Joe’s, am I right?

Hmmm. I am having second thoughts.  Well, here’s what I’d cook if I could go to the grocery store.

1. The tostadas from Sarah’s blog.  These sound super awesome to me right now.

2. And the spinach salad from Sarah, which also looks yummers.

3. Ok, so basically, I’m stalking Sarah.  And making her BBQ Chicken Pizza.

4. I know, I have a problem.  Which is why I am making her asian slaw recipe as well. I think I will combine it with a rotisserie chicken someone else cooked.

5. Baked mac and cheese plus pork tenderloin plus applesauce plus some kind of green thing.  Brussel sprouts?

6. Steak, polenta with mushrooms and chard, and salad.

7. Frozen lasagna and garlic bread and salad, which negates the frozen lasagna because I am picking it from my own garden.

8. I haven’t been feeling all that awesome lately.  (NOT PREGNANT).  When I feel not all that awesome, what I really want to eat is fake Thanksgiving, like turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce.  But I have NO IDEA how to make SOME turkey. Does anyone know how to do this?  I could buy turkey breast tenderloins but I don’t know how to make them taste good and not like disgustingly turkey ish.  Any ideas?

9. I also have a crap load of swiss chard and kale growing in my garden, so at some point I am going to make either gnocchi plus swiss chard or swiss chard pasta.  Or maybe bacon plus swiss chard plus tomatoes plus penne.  That sounds like something that could go well on the side of some smoked pork chops, but then I’d have to make another trip to the smoked pork chop store, and that sounds tiring.  They do have the good pico there though, so maybe.



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  1. Buy a whole turkey breast (unless you’re a dark meat person, in which case, turkey thighs.) Roast just like for Thanksgiving on a bed of stuffing. Slice or dice and freeze excess leftovers. Almost-instant casseroles or creamed turkey! (I have a good recipe…)

  2. Parenthood, man. You are reeeeeally selling it. 🙂 haha

    Spinach salad always sounds good to me and it never disappoints. I love a good warm bacon vinaigrette. I’d put it on anything!!! As for turkey, I have roasted a whole (unstuffed) turkey many times and for some reason when you do it NOT around thanksgiving it never seems to take very long and it seems so easy. I think it’s not having to roast it along with pulling together eleventy billion side dishes. When I do it, I use this recipe:

    It’s glorified roast chicken.

    I’ve done a breast too (using this:, but since G is a lover of dark meat, I might as well just roast the whole damn thing.

  3. I was going to suggest cooking just the turkey breast, too. So…what they already said 🙂

    I’ve been craving Thanksgiving dinner lately too. I think Easter dinner will help with that!

    Also, I’m coming over for dinner when you make #5. YUM.

  4. Whenever I’m craving Thanksgiving, we do a roasted chicken and mashed potatoes.

    Also, Kyle was a damn terror in restaurants or in public at about 19-21 months. He couldn’t be contained. AT ALL. I loved that age at home. In public, that age gave me big-time anxiety. For whatever that’s worth!

  5. Ooooh, hi, I am so making mac and cheese and pork and Brussels sprouts. And the steak and polenta dish.

    Who’s stalking who now?

  6. Easiest way to cook turkey: Buy a breast or tenderloins, cover in ketchup, sprinkle with garlic powder to your liking and cook at 350 degrees until it’s at 165* (i.e., done). Simple and delicious. We have “fake thanksgiving” all the time over here just like that.

  7. I remember the blonde tornado days. I know it will happen again with #2. But you have to eat. I used grocery delivery from Vons.

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