What Kind of Car Is This?I

ETA: I bought a car! It is a very lovely Ford Escape, and all the doors open when you hit a clicky button! How exciting.

Let’s not even talk about the Jetta, and the fact that after it finally returned home last night, it wouldn’t freaking start this morning.

Apparently, God doesn’t want me to go to the library. I can only assume it’s his fault that I watched all five episodes of Smash last night. (Meh.)

Anyway, I obviously need a new car. Here is what I am looking for, in no particular order:

1. Will not break down in traffic as I am turning left into Save Mart with two children in the back seat. Actually, I said in no particular order, but this quality is pretty much at the top of the list.

2. Easy to put car seats in and out of the back seat, but has enough room back there that my husband can put his seat back ALL THE WAY (so annoying) without crushing the 5 year olds legs.

3. Good for a short person AND a tall person to drive and see out of. (Erik is 6′ 3″, I am 5′ 1″).  The only way I can see out of the Jetta is to shove on the seat upper lever with all my might and then sit on a pillow.

4. Since we share it, and are of vastly different heights, it would be nice if it had one of those buttons that automatically remembered a seat position.

5. A stereo that actually works and that I can plug an MP3 player into.

6. A third row would be nice, but is not REQUIRED. But I would like more cargo space than we have now. I’d like to not have to figure out how to MacGuyver things like tvs and patio furniture into the trunk.

7. Good gas mileage.

8. Ideally a five year old would not be able to climb on it when it is parked in the driveway.

9. I want to push a button and have the doors open or close.  LIVING THE DREAM.

10. And it needs to be reasonably affordable.  Let’s say in the new CRV range. We can’t afford a minivan, at least not one that’s any more reliable than the car that’s currently in the shop for the THIRD TIME.


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  1. I was going to say “Sienna” until I got to number 10, so I got nuthin’. However, I would like to point out that you can get an after-market radio that will do anything you want. You can plug an mp3 player OR a USB flash drive into Andrew’s. You might have to save up for it because the good ones can run a couple hundred dollars, but just making you aware.

  2. I have a 2006 Saturn Vue and I love it. Great gas milage ( I fill up once a month!- but drive short distances, like I think you do) super easy to get the carseats out of. plenty of space for my double stroller and two weeks of grocerys in the trunk at the same time. The back folds down flat as dose the front passenger side and you can fit a full length 2×4 in it and close the hatch. I got it new and it was not expensive, also, we have another saturn that’s a 1994 and that son of a bitch is still going strong. But, as you probably know, Saturns are not made anymore so,, I don’t know if you’d be comfortable with buying one?

  3. I was going to say CRV (which now come with a standard backup camera, which is kind of awesome) or Rav-4 (I know two people who are driving older models of this with 200k+ miles and still no problems), but you might also consider a Subaru Forester — those I know who have them are positively evangelical about them.

  4. I have no idea because someone will make me drive something other than a small sedan over my cold dead body, but I want you to know that car shopping almost did in my marriage. Months and TWO spreadsheets later, we both love our car (it doesn’t meet 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 so probably not for you).

    The book I read for a week and only got 43 pages into was Swamplandia. It’s an awful, horrible, no good book. I returned it to the library with no regret since I read more than 10% of it. But everyone else said it was so good. Literary critic I will never be.

  5. I had a Saturn Vue and loved it, but it started leaking oil and it made me nervous that they weren’t making them anymore.
    Now I have a Chevy Equinox. It has decent gas mileage (better than my Saturn) and I don’t think 5 year olds could climb on it. I’m tall with long legs and it was difficult to find cars with seats that would go back far enough, so I was glad to find it. The sound system is good and it has connections for ipods, etc. I’ve had it since Jan. 2010 and love it so far. I think the Traverse has three rows, but they are very expensive.

  6. Why not a used minivan? I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey we paid $6,000 for VERY used, and a 2008 CRV. We have never had any problems with either. I have a 3.5 year old and a 2 year old. No way would the CRV be my only vehicle. Not enough room, and after you have sliding doors and toddlers, it is hard to get used to regular doors again (although admittedly possible). If you have the budget for a new CRV, I would advise choosing a used Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna instead. You could also look at a Mazda 5, smaller but not as reliable.

  7. Mazda 5 maybe? But I’ve never actually been in one, just gazed longingly from afar, so I can’t say about the leg room or if a 5 year old would climb on it. Also it doesn’t have push button doors or seats that remember your setting. But supper easy to put car seats in, has a third row or cargo space, gets good gas millage and you can plug an mp3 player in to it.

  8. We have a KIA minivan (I know, I know, KIA). But it had the same rating as the pricy Honda minivan and it was literally half as much. And I can push a button and the doors open. We’ve had it since 2007 and have never had an issue with it.

  9. this is all very interesting to me, because i am currently in the “drive this car until it drives!!” phase of what i now realize is a bad plan, so maybe i should also start making lists of what i want in a new one.

    (also, i quoted / linked to you heavily in my own post today because i love your book reviews)

  10. um. “drive this car until it BREAKS.”

    • do not under any circumstance drive your car until it breaks! Worst idea ever. We had to put $800 in it and it still isn’t fixed and we had to borrow a car to go buy a car and they wouldn’t take our car as a trade in and BLARGH. Much better to unload an oldish but working car than a car that no one can actually fix but first they charge you $800 plus dollars for it. Also,I loved reading about your boarding school but now it’s giving me Prep anxiety again.

  11. this is a suggestion for a book – I don’t have twitter – Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton. It’s a chef’s memoir. It is so good!!

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