Meal Plans for The Next Two Weeks

It’s my goal to stay out of the grocery store until Saturday the 23rd so I can save money for the uniform.

My other goal is to use something from the fall/winter garden in every meal because it’s going to town and we’re having trouble keeping up.  (BTW, if you live somewhere that this sort of garden is possible, I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only is it unbelievably convenient and economical, but it is SO motivating to include this healthy delicious stuff in meals. It’s out there GROWING and basically screaming USE UP THIS DAMN KALE WOMAN! at all hours of the day.)

Anyway, here’s what we’re going to eat:

1. home made ravioli filled with ricotta and chard (From the Garden)

2. chicken, squash, frozen brocolli from Trader Joes.

3. Frozen chinese food from Trader Joes (I am going to eat mine with a side of sauteed chard and garlic)

4. Tri tip tacos, (with lettuce FTG)

5. potato soup, no knead bread, salad (FTG)

6. pulled pork, yam fries, whatever green is growing most out of control at the time (FTG)

7. hamburgers, salad (FTG), mac and cheese?

8. frozen fish from Trader Joes, coleslaw, spinach salad (FTG)

9. turkey meatballs, spaghetti/zucchini ribbons. Chard in the sauce (FTG)

10. gnocchi plus tomatoes, white beans, and chard

I also had a green smoothie for breakfast with spinach (FTG) and I am going to have kale/avocado salad for lunch. (FTG).  Vitamins are oozing out of my ears.



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  1. I made mac & cheese a couple weeks ago because you’d mentioned it. You should do it. You’re an influencer and it was delicious.

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