I Made This: Zig Zag Baby Quilt

I should probably warn you that I am kind of ridiculously proud of this project.  Just so you know.



Mainly I’m proud that I actually pulled this off, because this was the sort of project where it was all fun and games and pinning pictures of cute quilts and thinking “I like this one!”, until it came time to actually MAKE the quilt and then all of a sudden I was more than a little concerned that I didn’t actually have it in me to actually, you know, MAKE THIS QUILT and that the whole thing would end in disaster.

I made this at Jennie’s request, for her friend Natalie who is having a baby boy.  Jennie needed a very special baby gift for Natalie because best friends don’t have babies every day, and while I was working on this and cursing Jennie to high heaven and thinking about how happy I am that Jennie is in my life and all the good things she’s brought me, I realized that this is one of the very best things about Jennie.  Whatever it is, SHE THINKS YOU CAN DO IT.  She asks me to do these things because she has 100% no doubt absolute faith that I can.  She is about a thousand times more confident in my abilities than I am, and I appreciate that more than I can say. I’d be the first to tell you I can’t do something, whatever it is.  Jennie would be the first to tell you that I can do anything, whatever it is.  That’s just amazing, don’t you think? I pretty much think it is, even if it does find me hunched over my sewing machine at 10 oclock at night while I watch seven episodes of Sons of Anarchy in a row.

This was not necessarily the hardest thing I’ve ever made, since I once had a lot more time on my hands and made my mother a full size quilt by hand, but all the precision involved made me nervous and I am pretty proud of how well it turned out. I kind of want to make one for myself now, except that I never want to iron another triangle seam for as long as I live.

(I followed the directions at The Purl Bee, but I modified them a bit.  I didn’t add in the extra white pieces, I have an extra row of zig zags and mine are a row longer, and I started out with smaller strips that I had to sew together, so I made my squares 5″.)


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  1. It looks great! My mom quilts so I know how much work is in that. It’s beautiful!

  2. LOVE IT!! I’ve been pinning quilts too and I bought a quilting book and…so far, no quilts have been sewn at my house.

    And Jennie is pretty awesome that way, isn’t she 🙂

  3. I’m sorry, you MADE that? It is so gorgeous. I sew- I even sew clothes!- and quilts intimidate the pants off me. So impressed.

    • Oh, clothes are waaaay harder, I bet. I only sew straight lines. If it takes more than straight lines, it is not for me. So if you can make clothes, you can totally make a quilt.

  4. You SHOULD be ridiculously proud of that! It’s gorgeous.

  5. I love it. And, I am with you on the straight lines. It’s the only way to go.

  6. It’s beautiful- good job!

  7. It’s gorgeous. And ironing seams blows. Do you have pics of the quilt you made your mom by hand? I made two quilts when I was preggers but I can’t imagine doing one now with Anna around. Just thinking of all the pins makes me nervous.

    • Erik gets very freaked out about the pins! Somewhere I do have pics of the one I made my mom but they are not in the computer so I have to find them. That one actually was my first and for some reason I made it red white and blue? So even though it took forever its not my favorite, quite honestly. I had no idea you sewed! I want to see these quilts of yours.

  8. Not ridiculously proud, legitimately proud! It’s gorgeous!

  9. Your talent makes me swoon with a bit of envy mixed in with a lot more awe. The thought that your works, your hands, time, and efforts, will be cherished for many years (and this one, generations, guaranteed)… just, wow. It’s beautiful, and you should be very proud, indeed.

  10. So beautiful! Crisp and clean and flat-out gorgeous. Well done! Are you taking orders? 😉

  11. OHMYGOSH!!! IT’S SO PRETTY!!! I’m so impressed!!! 🙂

  12. That is SPECTACULAR. I’ve made a few smaller quilts without triangle seams, but wow. That is SO pretty, and I love it. If I can find the patience somewhere in the next four months before Littlebit gets here maybe I’ll make one for myself.

  13. You did a wonderful job! Jennie is the best about believing the best in people!

  14. It’s gorgeous! Fantastic!

    This post made me cry, I must tell you, because I just came back from seeing my BFF in Arizona and she is pushing me to believe I can do something that I find VERY SCARY and well…I’m crying.

  15. It’s beautiful! You should totally be proud of yourself! It makes me want to buy a sewing machine and learn how to sew, but I’m afraid the learning curve would be too steep for a person who can hardly sew on a button.

  16. Oh my word, you SHOULD be proud. This is gorgeous.

  17. I think I just fell in (more) deep, undying love with you. That quilt is amazing. Hands down beautiful. So…when are you taking more orders? 🙂

  18. That quilt is beautiful! I can’t imagine how much time went into that. Just thinking about starting a project that big would be duanting.

  19. That quilt is wicked fabulous. I could NEVER do something as awesome.

  20. that is gorgeous!!! i envy your quilting skillz 🙂

  21. Oh, man. I need to start convincing Jennie that I’m good at something.

  22. That quilt is completely gorgeous, and you SHOULD be proud of it! Way to go!

  23. You absolutely SHOULD be proud of yourself. It’s gorgeous!! I so want to make a quilt someday, but I’m a little scared of my sewing machine. Maybe one day I’ll be as awesome as you!

  24. Elizabeth, that is gorgeous!

  25. Pure awesomeness.

    Also, a little jaw-dropping envy on my part.
    Don’t worry – I’ll be ok.

  26. I love the adaptations you made to the original pattern; I highly prefer your version, without the extra white space. Congratulations on work well done!

    I made my son a quilt and even rented a local quilt shops monstrous quilting machine to quilt it with a fancy swirly design, but nearly two years after my son was born, the quilt STILL doesn’t have binding! I have never done binding, and I’ve allowed myself to be intimidated by it, so the quilt remains unfinished. 😦 I’ve pinned some tutorials, so maybe once baby #2 is born, I’ll finally finish baby #1’s quilt (and, um, start baby #2’s!).

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