Ten Things, Just Because

1. I think pregnancy and Eli’s weight dramatics have given me permanent anxiety about going to the doctor. Seriously, I could not hate it more.  This amount of anxiety over something so stupid is ridiculous! It makes me wonder if my “be less anxious” medicine is actually working.

2. So far the “uniform” is working out quite well, although I had to return about half the stuff I ordered online because I forgot that American Eagle is actually for 12 year old girls and all their skirts are crazy pants short.  But I cleaned out my drawers and now that I have somethings that fit and all these colors that go together, it’s actually starting to be fun to get dressed in the morning again.

3. Although I did realize that the “uniform” is super skewed towards hot weather and MUCH EASIER to figure out for summer months.  Although yes, it’s hot here a lot, I think I will have to revisit the issue in the fall.  I’m thinking boots/a new coat/wintery type skirts that can be worn with tights or leggings.

4. In other news, I have stopped doing my children’s laundry.  My (super generous) cousin sends me all of her daughter’s hand me downs, and between those things and my MIL and Target and thrifting, my kids have a ton of clothes.  One day it occurred to me that doing laundry every time the laundry basket was full made no sense at all.  It just meant that I was always folding or washing or putting away childrens clothes, when in fact their drawers were still crammed full of clean things.  So I thought I’d see how long we could go before someone ran out of something, and then I’d just do all the kid laundry in one day.  Sometimes I sneak something I know they have a little less of into my laundry (underwear or pants) but so far, I haven’t emptied the big laundry bin in their room, and I started filling a diaper box with dirty laundry, and no one has run out of anything, and it’s been totally awesome not spending every minute of my day either doing laundry or thinking I should be doing laundry.


5. If this terrible rainy gray cold weather keeps up, I am moving to Minnesota.

6. The past two weeks have been a heady mixture of sickness/rain/leaking windows/car break downs/ear infections/cramps.  I’m waiting for a tree to land on our house.  As thrilled as I am to spend all my time with a child crying on me/barfing on me/wiping snot on me, I’m about done with this sheniganizing. I’m not asking for lottery winning here, but I am going to need either some sunshine, some health improvements, or something  to take that’s stronger than Tylenol PM.

7. I am really happy about my new car, though.  Mr. E and I both secretly decided that after we’re done with this car (which is only 2 years old) we want a brand new car, and from now on we’re only getting new cars, and then convened in the kitchen to tell each other this while filling syringes of Children’s Motrin.  Keep in mind that the Jetta was used when we bought it, and we drove that car for 11 years.  ELEVEN YEARS.  This new car has door locks that open when you push a button! It’s pretty exciting.  (I realize that this makes me sound like an idiot. But I find it genuinely fascinating that we hear so much about how things don’t matter and it’s what in your heart that counts or whatever mumbo jumbo people are platituding all over Pinterest and yet, this nice clean newish car makes me so damn happy every time I get in it, multiple times a day.  I just find that fascinating.)

8. I am also fascinated with winning the lottery. It’s one of my favorite things to think about and talk about.  Mr. E and I have had honest to god GIANT FIGHTS about what we’d do with the money if we won, but I also spend A LOT of time worrying and reading about how the lottery can ruin your life and supposedly will probably make you miserable.  Isn’t that so interesting?  ALL THIS MONEY can just ruin your life, or so they say.  I spend way more time thinking about the lottery than I should, especially when you consider the fact that I have never actually purchased a lottery ticket.

9. I bought a new rug for the living room. I do not like it. But it literally NEVER shows kid stains or dirt.  So there’s that.

10.  I am really tired of feeling sick.



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  1. I love thinking about winning the lottery. T and I convene frequently on this just to make sure we’re all on the same page as we don’t want to be caught unawares if it happens.

  2. In a college Economics class we did a section on lottery winners. I haven’t retained much else from college, but I remember that a vast majority of lottery winners end up not only significantly unhappier (the money tends to drive huge wedges in all their relationships, plus it makes them targets for burglars and scams) but also significantly POORER THAN WHEN THEY BOUGHT THE TICKET (because they buy things they can’t afford to maintain, like giant houses, but also because they overestimate the actual impact of the money and so they quit their jobs and spend big).

  3. I only do laundry once a week. This is why: I HAAAATE putting the clothes away. So if I do laundry daily, I have clean baskets of folded or not-folded laundry, but it never gets put away. Also, I’m really bad at starting a load and then not remembering to dry it until it smells like mildew.

    So. Weekly. I unload our HUGE laundry basket, sort it into many loads (10-12), and wash all day long. Actually, it works best to start in the evening BEFORE laundry day, so that morning I’ll already have a few loads cycled through. Then I fold it all in big stacks on someone’s bed. This way it HAS TO get put away before bedtime that night. After dinner, everyone helps. It’s also easier to put away laundry ONE TIME, than all throughout the day. (I wash cloth diapers every 3ish days, though.)

    Also, if you move to Minnesota, I’ll die of happiness. I’ll also be your friend and introduce you to tons of lovely people. I’ll also invite you over for dinner and watch your kids when you have doctor’s appts. Promise.

  4. I would like to think that I am the intelligent sort of person that would be SO ABLE to handle it if I won the lottery. I mean, money does not buy happiness, but it solves a great HEAP of problems/wants/desires. I love to play this game. “What would we do if a pile of money fell in our lap?”

    1. Pool
    2. New schmoozy sparkly cars. JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT.
    3. A variety of new furniture.
    4. Gut and re-do the kitchen.
    5. Massive, crazy, 5-star, vacation
    6. Upgrade the airplane to something with AIR CONDITIONING FTLOG.

    And then just sit on the rest of the money and enjoy counting it.

  5. I also spend a lot of time contemplating the lottery.

    I’d want:
    – a bigger house with a pool & a much bigger kitchen than we have now (it would need a pantry & an island)
    – new furniture for said house. Nice stuff. That matches, you know?
    – nice vacation
    – kids’ university years paid for

    I have decided that I can’t win just a piddly little one of a few million though, because houses in Vancouver of the kind that I’d want to buy are probably 4 million to start. Soooo, I’d need at least 10 million, wouldn’t I? Then we’d be in business. But as I also never buy a ticket, my chances of winning are rather slim.

  6. I only do laundry every 2 weeks. My world is about to change with cloth diapers! Hope u feel better soon!

  7. I want to know more about this magic rug that never shows dirt.

  8. I have watched those “Lottery Ruins People’s Lives” shows with great interest. And of course I think that if I were to win the lottery, I would totally do it differently. But, like you, I don’t actually PLAY the lottery.

    It’s fun to think about. But I also sometimes think having a big pile of cash that you didn’t earn would be a little… hollow. Not that I would turn it DOWN mind you.

    Your laundry experiment sounds pretty amazing. I hope you can go for a very long time without having to fire up the washing machine.

    • I read a book all about it! Supposedly the thing with the lottery IS that you didn’t earn it. People treat “free” money so differently than how they treat “earned” money. I guess they’ve done experiments where somehow you had to do something to get the lottery money? And the people were much more responsible with it. Our main fight is that supposedly you are always always always supposed to take the yearly payment, instead of the lump sum. It’s a much worse financial decision, but much smarter in terms of screwing up your life. You can only do much damage with 70K a year or whatever. Elizabeth

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