It Took Four Double Big Gulps to Get This Done

Remember when I said that this was the year that we were going to desuckify our backyard?  The process has begun.

Because we can’t really afford to desuckify all at one time, and because I had looooong lists of all the different projects I wanted to get working on in the backyard, and because somehow no matter how much furniture we pour into the outdoors we always need more, I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and confused about where to start.  But I decided that no matter how much lounge furniture I bought, I wasn’t going to be able to relax, to lounge per se, if all the furniture was sitting in a dirty messy yard that had all this WORK to be done on it.  So I decided work first, furniture second.

We spent all weekend hauling rocks and taking out the dreaded black mulch of doom from the backyard and driveway, and things are already looking better.

We do still have lots to do and lots to buy, but we made a ton of progress this weekend.  (Although please don’t mention drainage to me for the next 6-8 weeks unless you want me to kick you in the shin, right before I burst into tears.  I have some angry letters to write. Anyway.)

Now it’s furniture buying time!

So I’m going to buy some brown lounge furniture, the cushions are sort of an orangey red. Observe:


The loungey stuff will go on the patio under the pergola, towards the retaining wall.


Then I am going to get two adirondack chairs for that circle where the little table is sitting right now way in the upper corner of the picture.  After some slight obsessing over what color I could paint them (based on paint I already own that’s in my garage) I thought I’d stain them brown as well.  Boy, am I sure living on the edge over here. Then I think I’d put two yellow outdoor pillows on them.  I don’t know, I’m just really feeling the brown yellow thing.  Either one of these pillows, actually, give me the special feelings, but the yellow ones are the ones I kept thinking about while I was loading rocks into wheelbarrows.



Anyway.  The chairs I am going to buy for the dining table are from IKEA. They come in white, yellow, or gray.  The dining table in question is the one sitting there lonely on the patio with no chairs.

At first I thought gray chairs.  Then I thought for SURE yellow, because the other stuff is all so boring and brown and the yellow is fun and pretty and I love yellow and yellow cushions on the adirondacks, etc.  But then I looked at the backyard again and I went back to thinking maybe gray.  I think the orange cushions on the lounge stuff are throwing me off.

So now I am confused and I am asking you. Opinions please! Unless that opinion is that you hate the river rock that I spent all bloody weekend hauling into my backyard from the street.  In that case maybe keep that opinion to yourself. However if the opinion is that I need to go to Home Goods and spend a bunch of money on useless decorative lanterns to set on my table and forget to light, feel free to express that one early and often.


7 Responses

  1. Your backyard looks quite pretty (in the picture you put up, anyways). I vote for yellow. I love yellow. I have been feeling the yellow in my own house lately–I am trying to bring more in. So I vote yellow dining chairs. I love both the pillows and would use both of them, because the yellow is happy and the floral is pretty. I think it will all look quite lovely.

  2. Every time you ask for decorating advice on your blog, I think it is rich of me to have an opinion. Because if ELIZABETH doesn’t know what would look best, there’s no way I will know. What I’m saying here, is, you are a lot better at decorating than I am. Your strength is my weakness.

    That said, I would say yellow, to brighten the place up.

  3. I vote yellow. The orange on the patio furniture isn’t SO orange that it’s distracting. Also, we bought neutral pillows for our neutral patio furniture and I’m just wishing we had something bright and cheery out there.

  4. I say yellow as well, because it’s cheerful, and because it works well with the orange and the brown. I would worry that the gray and brown would not look good together.

  5. I think the yellow pillows definitely go on the adirondack chairs. Then buy the other pillows and put them on the orange-y furniture and buy the yellow dining chairs. The floral pillow will tie it all together. Bam! Now go buy a bunch of lanterns, too!

  6. Love the yellow pilows! I also think every yard needs more accessories from Homegoods. Also, I need to get off the couch and move some rocks into my yard too. I have a planting bed in front of our house that has been in limbo for 3 years. Each year it gets just slightly better. Now I just need to make decisions and get moving. Your backyard looks great, can’t wait to see photos of the final result after you shop.

  7. All your yard pinning inspired me to say to my husband, “Maybe I should start a yard and garden board.” It didn’t inspire me to actually do that, but still.

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