A Note From the Shameless Commerce Division

So I finally girded up my loins and cleaned out the FOUR (four!) tubs of too small clothing that I’ve been hauling around with me for the last several years just in case I accidentally got a tape worm and lost sixty pounds.  I saved some of it that I just can’t bear to get rid of, but it turns out most of that stuff that I’ve thought longingly of from afar all this time? Not that great.  Apparently I equated “professionally dressy” with polyester, or at least I did 5 years ago.  Our local Goodwill got a LARGE drop off of Target capri pants yesterday, let me just put it to you that way.

Anyway, there was some stuff that seemed in good shape and that I’d totally wear if it fit me, but that I don’t really see the point in hanging onto, and I am slowly putting it all up for sale on Ebay.  Hey, if nothing else, maybe the clothes I can’t wear anymore can fund a new pair of shorts I can wear, right?

Anyway, if you’d like to check out my claim that yes, I do somehow seem to have come into possession of all the denim skirts there ever were, you can check out my ebay listings here.  And thank you in advance for not reminding me that I once wore jeans in a size 4. Petite.


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  1. I know all about hoarding clothing that is now too small for me. Doesn’t it feel great to just let go of it?

  2. hey you can you ship to canada? I want your sandals!

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