I Wear Navy on the Outside When I Feel Navy on the Inside

I took about six thousand pictures of this outfit before I decided that this t shirt was just unflattering and I should get rid of it.  I will learn an “$8 I don’t wear an XL t shirt at Old Navy” lesson and move on.  Also, I always buy boat neck shirts and then I have a hard time wearing them. I love how they look, but wearing a tank under them ruins that nice open shoulder effect and then I just have to move my bra straps way over to the side and that’s strange feeling and unflattering and I don’t know. Probably I should not  buy boat neck t shirts.

Anyway, this was better.

Navy blue Gap favorite t shirt (why do they not sell a navy blue v neck t shirt?!), allegedly the J. Crew bubble necklace but via Ebay for 1/10th the cost, hand me down Old Navy skirt, Top Siders)



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  1. Boatnecks look weird on me. I don’t know how many I bought before I realized it. One reason it took awhile is they look so perfect on my mom: she has wide sharp shoulders and a small chest. But I have narrow rounded shoulders/neck and a larger chest. Boatnecks on me look as if my rounded shoulders/neck BURST through the top of my shirt.

  2. Are those THE gold shoes?

    If so, I like.

    • they are THE gold shoes!!! I have to prevent myself from simply gazing at them in delight at all hours of the day.

  3. Oooh, I LOVE that necklace. I am, um, well-endowed though, so I only wear v-necks or scoop necks, and necklaces like that always end up in my cleavage. I haven’t really figured out how to wear my longer necklaces. (Also, I think the boatneck looks fine on you!).

  4. Ha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who takes pictures of outfits like this. Sometimes it’s the only way I can tell whether or not something is working for me.

    I love that necklace so much!

  5. i am literally wearing that striped tshirt right! now! (mine is several years old, and a hand-me-down from a friend. i am.. umm… well dressed at work.)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace.

    i LURVE boatnecks, but for all the exact reasons swistle doesn’t! i have a, ahem, “modest” chest, and broad shoulders, and rather pointy collarbones for my otherwise squishy torso. apparently that is the Boatneck Recipe.

  6. ooh, that necklace! and those shoes! Link for the shoes?

    I have been trying to take pictures of myself wearing the new dresses, but apparently I need a remote, because my self-portraiture skills are not very good.

  7. Ha! I just bought a BUNCh of those J Crew “authentic knock-offs” on eBay. Hooray for saving money!

  8. Jealous you got the J. Crew necklace! Love it!!!

  9. I swear I feel best in navy. And I think I have that exact ON white skirt? And apparently I’m going to buy myself gold shoes for my birthday.

  10. LOVE the blue shirt and necklace. I have a very similar skirt which also love. Not so crazy about the shoes, even though every one else seems to like them. Think it would look cuter with sandels.

  11. I have that EXACT shirt from Old Navy…bought that sucker for $4.97 and I love it because I love boat necks and stripes. But your reasons for having a hard time wearing it are the exact reasons it drives me insane! I think I just have to let it go.

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