What I Wore This Week

Old Navy yellow eyelet skirt (last summer), Target shoes (from the little girls sections, last summer), navy t shirt from Target, yellow necklace from Target.

I think I saved the Old Navy boat neck shirt! It was just too long and tunicy to wear with a skirt.  But these white shorts worked with it because they are more fitted and look like bike shorts under a loose shirt.  I don’t know that I’d nominate this for “The most flattering thing I ever wore” but I liked it.

Old Navy boat neck t shirt, Target turquoise necklace, white American Eagle denim bermuda shorts, gold Top Siders.

This is my “I cannot believe I’m having cramps and I still have to do preschool drop off” outfit.  Luckily this outfit was saved by this jacket, which is a fabulous piece of miracle clothing. Normally I look SO GREAT in pieces with structure but I don’t like the constricting feeling of a blazer.  This is made of thick sweatshirt material so it gives great structure but it’s still comfortable. I really debated buying it and it was a great purchase.

Target Converse One Star Jacket (last year), Old Navy t shirt, Target elastic waisted convertible cargo pants, Target flower flip flops, Orla Kieley purse (old, can only be found on Ebay)

I’m sort of on the fence about this outfit.  It looks really cute on and I always get compliments on it when I wear this skirt with a different t shirt I have, but in pictures it looked so hippy and something about the length and the layers gave me a weird can can girl vibe.  I don’t know. I’m still pondering it.

I have about ten million of these 3/4 length cardigans from Target and I think they’re great.  Cardigans, especially fitted ones, tend to gap on me, though, so whenever I buy one of these I just sew the front shut. Voila! No more gapping.

This series of pictures inspired me to wipe off the terrible dark berry lip gloss I had on and to throw it out. It’s a color the whole internet raves about it. It’s very safe. It looks awful on me. I put on some bright red lipstick and then I felt better. Way less safe, but better.

Target cardigan, Gap skirt (old, via Ebay), Target shoes, Target necklace.

I loved everything about this outfit, especially because it redeemed this skirt which was just about to get shit canned! And those shoes! They are my new favorite thing.

Gap Mason Crew tee, Gap white skirt (old), Target necklace, Franco Sarto wedges (via Ebay).

I love this outfit because it is the uniform at work! I’ve been branching out a little bit lately but this look adheres to all my guiding principles.  Colors/fit/etc.

This is my “I hate preschool field trips” face.  The field trip is why I am wearing shorts and flip flops.  I LOVED this outfit. I felt so proud of myself that I had this stuff in my closet and could put together something comfortable, cute, appropriate, and that looked casual but nicer than a t shirt and denim capris.  I love these shorts so much, btw.  I wish they came in more colors online (they’re from the J. Crew outlet) but I am thinking of buying another pair in gray because they fit me so well.  I have a few pairs from earlier this year when I gave up on shorts and just kept a couple pairs that weren’t great, and this just proves to me that if something is not great, you should keep looking.  The right piece is out there.

J. Crew Factory city bermuda shorts, white American Eagle tank, American Eagle Kimono Tee (similar), Target necklace, Target flip flops.


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  1. The last outfit is my favorite! You look amazeballs!

  2. You look fantastic. I especially love the last outfit, and now I must go shopping for those shorts and that top.

  3. I love the boatneck shirt with that turquoise necklace! Fabulous!!

  4. You are super incredibly cute. I am SO jealous. Also, you look about sixteen. Your skin! Geez. The first is my favorite. That blue and yellow is perfect on you. (I love these, please never stop them, OK?)

  5. You look fabulous. I love your entire collection of skirts, especially yellow eyelet one. Also, all your shoes. If only my feet were not like pontoons.

    I snorted out loud at the “about to get shitcanned” line.

  6. Okay, I love all of these outfits (and now want to go buy a million adorable skirts to keep up!) but I love that last one the best. Or maybe the first one. Or maybe the stripey shirt with white skirt one. Or the one with the purse. Crap. They are ALL cute.

  7. *Brilliant* idea to sew the cardigans closed to comabat the gapping! I am going to be a total copycat! Now I can get rid of the 47 safetypins I would have down the inside of the front.

  8. You look so great! You make me want to quit wearing my yoga pants every other day. (And that’s really saying something. I love those yoga pants.)

  9. You look adorable! I absolutely love the one with the jacket, and the second to last one with the white skirt. They are my favorites! I’m feeling super un-fashionable reading these wearing my high school (?!) field hockey sweatshirt and gym shorts that I probably wore around the same time, eek! Please keep posting these, it really is motivating to see other people dressing so cute!

  10. I think my favorite outfit HAS to be the “can can” skirt outfit. You look beautiful!! 🙂

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but man these outfits look great! You are making me want to go through my closet and just start getting rid of stuff, and then to go out and buy things I know will fit right and look great. I’ve always been scared to wear skirts casually, feeling they made me look too dressed up for the occasion, but I love these outfits and now I want to go buy a ton of skirts. And new shoes, tons of new shoes.

  12. Trust compliments over pictures every time! Especially with fluffy, twirly skirts like that–still photos don’t catch they way it moves so it’s never going to be as cute as real life (and I think it’s super cute in the pic anyway!).

  13. I have to go to a shower tomorrow and I went out tonight to find something to wear. Dreading it. But I have to tell you, your uniform idea and this post in particular were bouncing around in my head. I ended up with three skirts (coral, navy, navy-and-white) and two fancy-ish t-shirts (coral and white) and they all mix and match. I could not be more pleased. So, thank you! you’re a good influence.

  14. Sewing the cardigans – genius! I wish I wasn’t a sewing failure, I would do that to everything I own. Love these outfits, especially because my uniform colors would be totally different (black, gray, pops of pink, mustard, or plum). Fun to see cute outfits that I would never try myself. Perhaps I could be more adventurous with color?

  15. I love love, love, that handbag.

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