What I Wore This Week Stripes Edition

First of all (Emily) the reason I am making all these weird faces is because the only other choice is the face where I look like I will cut you.  It’s GoofyFace or BitchFace, so I go with goofy.

I love this t shirt. Do not ask me why it only comes in orange stripes or neon green stripes, because if it came in red and navy and yellow I would buy the crap out of this shirt. In other news, this outfit made my boobs look humangous.

{american eagle shorts, old navy t shirt, target necklace, top siders}

In retrospect, this outfit was not my favorite. I think that sweater is supposed to be cropped and it hits me at the wrong spot on the skirt so it makes me look like I have no waist, but I was late for the Cactus and Succulent Show that my husband had been obsessing about all week, so I just went with it.

{old navy sweater, old navy skirt, american eagle tank, target flip flops, target necklace}

I LOVED this outfit. LOVED IT.  LOVED LOVED LOVED.  You can tell I loved it because I look really happy in every picture. And this skirt is so short and it’s less poofy than I normally wear but I think maybe, maybe I have been doing that thing where I am trying to cover myself up with things that are too long and too long poofy and too big and when I wear things in the correct sizes and proportions, I look better?  I am  not sure but I have started to think about it a lot.

{talbots skirt, gap t shirt, target necklace, franco sarto wedges}

Then we have the infamous skirt that I asked Twitter about.  I started out wearing it with a long t shirt pulled over it, and it looked just…off.  I think this is along the lines of what Slynnro was very nicely trying to tell me last week.  My general fashion MO for the past few years has been =  really puffy skirt plus too long t shirt and sweater pulled down tight over it.  I feel very SAFE in that outfit.  But when you start to look at pictures of it, it’s not actually very flattering.  It’s…bulky and hippy.  This skirt feels very short and it’s tucked in and it was SCARY to wear.  In fact I ended up returning it but now I’m thinking maybe I should get it back and take a deep breath and tuck in a t shirt or two.

{target skirt, old navy t shirt, target necklace, j crew wedges}

This is the skirt I wrote about in my Style Lush post this week. I LOVE this skirt, and it is also making me rethink my “puffy skirts fix everything I hate about my body” stance.  I kind of sort of maybe think that fitted pencil skirts, which I would NEVER ever have considered buying before, are more flattering on me than puffy skirt plus tight t shirt pulled over the top.

{target sweater, old navy skirt, hush puppies red wedges, necklace I can’t remember where I got it but it was somewhere on the internet so probably Ebay}

Someone graduated from preschool! (It wasn’t me. I’ve already done that). See? A non poofy skirt. With a real waist.  That fits! And looks nice! Anyway.

{target sweater, gap skirt, gap t shirt, franco sarto wedges}

Edited to add! I forgot an outfit! And I love this one!

Fashion blogger fail! Anyway. I tucked this shirt in, even though you can’t tell.  It felt revolutionary though. Funny how these things seem like a BIG deal. And then they don’t.  Also, I love that sweater with the fire of a thousand suns.  They really can make a lightweight v neck sweater at Target, I must say.

{jcrew skirt, old navy t shirt, target sweater, target necklace, target flip flops}


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  1. YOU ARE SO CUTE! I love the orange skirt outfit and I really love the black and white outfit.

  2. I am a huge advocate of pencil skirts. I think they stretch you (the generic “you” and also you, specifically) out, especially with heels.

    Also, that outfit with the tucked in shirt? Is awesome on you. It reminds me of the scene that’s in just about every What Not to Wear ever where Clinton and Stacy put someone in an outfit that FITS them and then say, “SEE! What a cute little figure you have!”

  3. I love love love the t-shirt tucked in. It’s my favorite outfit of the weekend. (I also love the black outfit too.) You’re slowly convincing me I need to do this myself.

  4. *week, favorite of the WEEK.

  5. Go back and buy that skirt! It looks fantastic! So flattering with the shirt tucked in. Also, the black and white outfit is super cute.

  6. I love the tangerine striped outfit! Go back and get that skirt back. Also the talbots outfit is supercute.

  7. GO BACK AND GET THE INFAMOUS SKIRT. Er, is my vote. I ditto Hillary’s remark, which is what I didn’t realize I wanted to say until she said it.

  8. Love the black and white outfit. LOVE. Also, the pencil skirt. You look fantastic. I think the wedges (which I know are not always practical with little kids to herd) really jazz things up.

    Just as an aside, I always had the opposite feeling about puffy skirts — was convinced they made me look wide and hippy in the wrong places and hid my waist. But now they are EVERYWHERE and I’m trying to make my peace with them.

  9. The shirt tucked in is adorable! As are you. Pencil and shorter skirts are SUPER flattering on you. Love them! And as odd as this sounds, isn’t it weird how you can feel one way about an outfit and then see it in a picture and think differently? As awkward and goofy as it feels to take pictures of outfits, I think it’s so helpful when you are trying to really figure out your own style. You are doing such a great job with this “uniform” idea. So fun!

  10. Thanks for sharing your fashion journey! I love seeing your outfits and I think your writing is very witty. Keep on tucking those shirts in! I’m too wimpy to try it myself but I like it on you!

  11. Who are you? Goodness, you look awesome. I love this project. Fav’s from the week are the talbot skirt outfit, the pencil skirt and the yellow stripe cardi outfit. Well done!

  12. The outfits are cute, but my FAVORITE thing about this post is, “But I was late to the cactus and succulent show my husband had been obsessing about.” Because you just don’t hear that near enough. See also: burying the lead.

  13. Holy ridiculous, that tucked in shirt with the orange/red (hard to tell in a picture, sometimes) skirt is awesome. And I bought that shirt at Old Navy today.

  14. love all these, but especially the talbots closer to the body outfit and the pencil skirt. it’s doesn’t make sense, but loose fitting clothes don’t hide us. form fitting = good looks.

    i think i have been inspired to get a remote for my camera. what do you use?

  15. re-de lurking (did so a few weeks ago re: books) to say that, yes, methinks your mainstay of “puffy” skirts may not be your safe choice after all. i say this as a person who has lost and gained and then re-lost the same 25 pounds twice, and i look and feel better when my clothes FIT, and are SKIMMING, rather than poofy and “covering” or ”
    hiding” so-called flaws. that said, i think you look great in all of these, but the tucked in shirt-to-skirt is awesome (and i bet you think it’s not as flattering as we all do!). my two cents, for what it’s worth. love the blog; go back to the last book post and reply to my comment, and i’ll be thrilled 😉

  16. Love this whole series–you look fabulous and this is really inspiring. I think you look especially terrific in the black and white outfit and the pencil skirt.

  17. Love the tucked in pic from twitter, but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the black and white. Not because those are the colors I am drawn to myself, but because it’s insanely flattering on you. You look so cute!

  18. I hate to brag, but dude! I’m so right about the tuck in thang! Do you see how much more streamlined and balanced you look there!

  19. The reason tucking in your shirt works for you is because it accents your waist and makes your legs seem longer because we perceive the legs to start at the visual break. In several of your outfits, the one thing I would recommend is adding a skinny belt in a contrasting color. For example, in the pictures above, a white skinny belt (one with notches, not elastic) with the navy top/navy print skirt and the orange sweater/white skirt, that belt would complete the look. You look great and I love that you chose to wear skirts for casual outings. Around here, everyone assumes you’re going to a wedding if you’re wearing anything but jorts. Yuck.

  20. You are adorable. And I think you did one of those things here where you flipped a light switch on in my brain and allowed me to see something that was previously covered in shadows. Because I do the long puffy skirt thing too and maybe, like you, I don’t have to? Because you do NOT have to. That stripey tucked in shirt with the orange skirt you took back? My favorite (out of the MANY adorable outfits). You look fantastic. Go re-buy it this instant!

  21. I LOVE the orange skirt outfit. Seriously, go back and get that skirt! I also love the black/white outfit to pieces… this is so inspiring to me, except I am pregnant and therefore not feeling all that motivated to Get Dressed.

  22. You look AWESOME in that pencil skirt. Love the whole look. Ten thumbs up.

  23. I cannot even choose which one is my favorite. You are re-inspiring me to take outfit photos! (Maybe. I’m very lazy.) But the pencil skirt is super flattering and has me thinking about this, too, now. But how is that with little children and the bending and the sitting on low playground equipment? OK?

  24. Yes, yes, yes on the pencil skirt idea! I am short, hippy, and busty, and a more fitted skirt with a tucked in top is definitely the most flattering silhouette for my body, I’ve found. As long as the skirt is above the knee, anyway. The proportions just look better, and actually showing my waist off proves that there is really a spot where my boobs end, before my hips begin 🙂

    I love the black/white and coral outfits the best!

  25. The orange skirt/orange and white stripes from this week and the jacket/pants from last week are my favorites. Also, you look good with your hair back! I feel the opposite about myself, which is unfortunate, because ponytails are so good for ease and/or summer.

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